WATCH: Bill Cosby Publicist Andrew Wyatt Says His ‘Power is Back’

andrew wyatt

Andrew Wyatt. (Twitter)

Bill Cosby’s publicist Andrew Wyatt has drawn criticism online after telling the television cameras that Bill Cosby’s “power is back” following Cosby’s mistrial.

You can watch the video with Wyatt’s statements here:

“Mr. Cosby’s power is back. It’s back. He has been restored,” Wyatt told reporters clustered outside the Pennsylvania courthouse after a judge declared a mistrial in Andrea Constand’s accusations against Cosby. He also had harsh words for the prosecution:

According to PR Week, Wyatt is the CEO and founder of a company named Purpose PR and “has worked with Cosby for more than six years. Before any allegations were made against the former sitcom star, Wyatt helped him with promotions for his college tours and fundraising events.”

Wyatt’s response to the Cosby mistrial was not the only comments to receive criticism. Cosby’s wife, Camille Cosby, unloaded in a harshly worded statement that criticized the DA, the judge, the media, and the accuser’s lawyers. She singled out Wyatt for praise in that statement, heralding his “unequivocal skills in public relations.”

You can read Camille Cosby’s statement here. She has been married to Bill Cosby for 53 years.

The judge declared a mistrial after the jury told him, following more than 5 days of deliberations, that it was hopelessly deadlocked on the allegations.

Cosby was accused of having sexual contact with Constand, a Temple University employee, without her consent years ago after giving her blue pills that made her woozy. Cosby alleged that the sexual contact was consensual. He admitted to the contact and to giving Constand pills in a previous civil deposition. Constand had filed a civil case against the comedian after a previous District Attorney refused to charge the case criminally.

Kevin Steele, the DA who did try Cosby, vowed to retry the comedian, so Cosby is not out of the woods yet. Wyatt has been giving statements on Cosby’s behalf all through the trial.

Wyatt’s statements about Cosby outraged many on social media because sexual assault is an act of violence.

You can learn more about the Cosby mistrial here.

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