Dale Leary: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Marta San Jose & Dale Leary

Facebook Marta San Jose and Dale Leary pictured together on Facebook.

A Florida woman is accused of bringing her minor sister to the U.S. from Spain so that the teen could be sexually abused. Since 2012 when she was 16, Marta San Jose, 21, has been living with Dale Leary, 50, in the Miami suburb of Cutler Bay. San Jose first entered the country on a high school exchange and when she turned 18, married Leary. Later, San Jose’s sister came to America to try to persuade her sister to return home to Madrid, Spain. While the sister was staying with Leary, he sexually abused her, authorities say.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. San Jose’s Family Was Unaware She Married the 50-Year-Old Leary

Leary and San Jose’s mugshots. (Screengrab via WSVN)

CBS Miami reports that San Jose’s family in Spain was unaware that she had married Leary. When San Jose first came to the U.S., Leary was married to a different woman. After San Jose turned 18, Leary got divorced and married the student.

ABC Miami reports that when San Jose was in the 11th grade, the pair flew to Spain to ask her parents to allow San Jose to remain in the U.S. According to her Facebook page, San Jose attended Miami Palmetto Senior High School.

San Jose’s sister joined the couple in South Florida in 2014, reports ABC Miami. The 14-year-old victim told cops that things seemed normal as she stayed with her sister and Leary, reports CBS Miami. The victim was then convinced that she had been sexually abused by her parents. It was San Jose and Leary who convinced her despite the victim’s protests that she couldn’t remember any abuse. San Jose allegedly told the victim couldn’t remember because she was too young.

CBS Miami reports that authorities say during one instance of abuse, Leary put his hands down the victim’s pants “to prove she was sexually assaulted.” The ABC Miami report adds that San Jose told her sister she wanted to remain in the U.S. to avoid going back to their abusive parents.

The pair were married for two months before the victim visited, reports NBC Miami.

2. The Victim Says She Was Plied With Alcohol So Leary Could Take Naked Photos of Her

Dale Leary Cutler bay

Leary pictured during his court appearance on June 27. (Screengrab via NBC Miami)

NBC Miami reports that the victim was convinced to have sex with San Jose and Leary, according to police. San Jose allegedly told her sister that it would be therapeutic because of the abuse the victim suffered.

CBS Miami says that one night, the victim told authorities that San Jose plied her with alcohol with Leary then taking photos of her. ABC Miami reports that Leary had told the victim that he was a photographer. One photo showed the 14-year-old naked wearing just high heels. Another showed the sisters together, naked, touching breasts.

3. In 1998, Leary Developed a Branded Video Game Aimed at Getting Kids to Drink Cherry Coke

Leary was the director of The Lost Island of Alanna, a 1998 branded video game for Coca-Cola. It was aimed at getting teenagers to drink Cherry Coke. An Ebay description of the game reads: “You are on the lost island of Alanna – located somewhere west of Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea – and have to find its treasure. To do that, you have to solve several puzzles, much like in The 7th Guest.

This short game was distributed freely to Cherry Coke buyers and, as a marketing strategy, The Coca Cola Company included several clues on its website and on specially marked Cherry Coke bottles (these clues never appear in the game).”

A bio for Leary describes the game in more grandiose terms as, “one of the first and most complex online technology-based branding initiatives in history for the Coca-Cola Company, setting global standards for online communication and fulfillment.” That same profile cites Leary as the author of Mission Escalation Response Training for the Dismounted Soldier, a U.S. Army Research Institute publication.

Marta San Jose Facebook page

According to his LinkedIn page, Leary is the executive director of Steamwerx Inc, a company that describes itself as a “Leading Steamwerx in developing creative innovation, technology integration, and product development for subsidiaries and worldwide clients.” Online records show that Marta San Jose is listed as a vice president of that company. His LinkedIn shows that Leary has been either managing director or CEO of multiple defense companies in Miami.

Marta San Jose pictured prior to her move to America.

On his Facebook page, Leary appears to show support for Donald Trump. He says that he is a native of Miami.

4. Leary Visited Madrid in September 2005

Claudia Leary Miami

Leary pictured with his first wife Claudia.

On his Facebook page, Leary details trips he took around the world between 2000 and 2011. That list talks about a September 2005 that Leary took to San Jose’s home city of Madrid. During that time, Leary took 8 trips to Thailand. Other trips included what Leary calls “photo shoots” in Cancun. Leary took many of these vacations and working trips with his first wife, Claudia.

5. Officials Believe There Could Be More Victims

Dale Leary’s Facebook profile photo. (Facebook)

Leary and San Jose are charged with lewd and lascivious conduct, engaging in a sexual act with a familial child, among other offenses, reports CBS Miami. Authorities believe there may be other victims in the case. Anybody with information or who has come into contact with Leary or San Jose is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIP. Some tips are subject to a $1,000 reward.

While both Leary and San Jose are in jail, the victim is now back in Madrid with her parents, reports ABC Miami.