Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Sinks to 34 Percent in New Quinnipiac Poll

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President Donald Trump. (Getty)

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has reached a new low in the latest poll from Quinnipiac.

In a Quinnipiac survey released on June 7th, 34 percent of voters said that they approve of the president, compared to 57 percent who disapprove. This is the lowest approval rating Trump has earned from Quinnipiac so far; his previous low was 35 percent in early April.

Donald Trump started off in office with a very low approval rating from Quinnipiac, with that number going up and down a bit since then. In January, 36 percent of voters approved of President Donald Trump; by March, that number had gone up to 41 percent, but by April, it had declined back down to 35 percent. Trump’s approval rating has remained in the 30s since May, and it’s now approaching the low 30s for the first time.

This new Quinnipiac poll found that only 25 percent of Americans strongly approve of President Donald Trump, whereas 51 percent strongly disapprove. Among Republicans, 81 percent approve of Trump, but 14 percent disapprove. Just four percent of Democrats approve of Trump.

Total Republicans Democrats Independents Men Women
Approve 34 81 4 35 41 28
Disapprove 57 14 93 51 51 63

When it comes to the Russia investigation, 46 percent of respondents said they are very concerned about Donald Trump’s relationship with the country, and an additional 22 percent are somewhat concerned. When asked if Trump did something illegal or unethical with Russia, 31 percent said he did something illegal, while 29 percent said he did something unethical but not illegal. A total of 32 percent of voters said he did nothing wrong at all.

Here’s a look at Donald Trump’s approval rating in the past 10 polls from Quinnipiac:

Date Approval  Disapproval
June 7th 34 57
May 24th 37 55
May 10th 36 58
April 19th 40 56
April 4th 35 57
March 22nd 37 56
March 7th 41 52
February 22nd 38 55
February 7th 42 51
January 26th 36 44

FiveThirtyEight’s Trump approval rating tracker shows that Trump is averaging an approval rating of 38.3 percent. Some recent polls have shown Trump with a higher approval rating than he has in this Quinnipiac survey, such as a recent poll from YouGov in which Trump’s approval rating is 38 percent.

Here’s a look at some of the most recent Trump polls, including the latest one from Quinnipiac:

Date Pollster Approval  Disapproval
June 7th Quinnipiac 34 57
June 7th YouGov 38 54
June 7th Rasmussen 45 55
June 6th Gallup 38 57
June 5th Reuters/Ipsos 38 58

President Trump’s approval rating is currently far lower than is typical for a first term president at this point in his administration. In June 2009, Barack Obama’s approval rating was 61 percent, and in June 2001, George W. Bush’s approval rating was 55 percent.

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