Finsbury Park Car Ramming: Photos & Videos From the Scene


A 48-year-old man was arrested by Metropolitan Police after he allegedly rammed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians as they left a mosque June 19. One man has died and eight people were injured in the incident.

Authorities said that the man was “found detained by members of the public at the scene and then arrested by police in connection with the incident.”

A witness said on Twitter said that at least 10 people were walking on Seven Sisters Road in North London when the suspect ran them over with a van at a high rate of speed. One witness said that the suspect was confronted by bystanders and subdued until police arrived.

Authorities said that one man was pronounced dead at the scene while eight others were taken to three separate hospitals. The suspect was taken to a hospital “as a precaution,” and would undergo a mental health assessment. They added that the suspect would be “taken into custody once discharged.”

A large amount of armed officers raced to the scene and police helicopters were seen overhead. According to The Guardian, counter-terrorism officials joined police in the investigation of the incident, and Prime Minister Theresa May said that police are treating it “as a potential terrorist attack.”

An eyewitness told BuzzFeed News that the male suspect shouted “I want to kill all Muslims” as he was being detained.

Another said to Telegraph that it looked as if the suspect lost control of the van and came short of hitting a building. Another told Daily Mail that there was more than one suspect in the vehicle and the other two ran away before police arrived, but authorities have since said there are “no other suspects at the scene” were reported to police.

One Twitter user on the scene said that he counted at least seven people being injured with three of them being “seriously hurt.” He said that they were on their way back from Taraweh, a prayer performed by Muslims, at Finsbury Park Mosque. The Muslim Council of Britain clarified the location later on, saying that the incident took place outside of Muslim Welfare House.

The organization also released a statement after the van ramming and acknowledged that the attack happened as worshipers were completing their night worship. It said that recently, “Muslims have endured many incidents of Islamophobia, and this is the most violent manifestation to date.”

The car ramming incident in Finsbury comes three weeks after terrorists drove a van into a group of pedestrians on London Bridge before storming through the area with knives. Eight people were shot before the three suspects were shot by police.

Here are some photos and videos from the scene:

Videos of the Reported Suspect Were Posted to Social Media

A Video of the Reported Suspect Was Posted on Twitter

Graphic Footage Shows Suspects Being Tended To

Videos &Amp; Photos Showed Police &Amp; People Gathering at the Scene

Another Video Shows Police Investigating the Incident

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