WATCH: Man Arrested After Driving Van Over Muslims in North London

Darren Osborne was arrested near Finsbury Park after his white van drove into Muslims. Footage of the scene shows people motionless on the street as Muslims dressed in white clothing surround a white man, believed to be Osborne.

Osborne has been described as a 47-year-old-male acting alone. According to new reports, police are calling the incident a terror attack. According to The Guardian, “A man died on the scene but was already receiving first aid from members of the public when the attack took place, police said. It is not yet known whether his death was a result of the attack.” 8 others are injured, 2 seriously.

In the video, Osborne is led away by the police and seems to grapple with them before they shove him off-camera. According to the Muslim Council of Britain, the incident actually occurred outside the Muslim Welfare House, not the mosque proper.

The incident happened near Seven Sisters Road right after 12:20 a.m. According to reports, people were leaving the welfare house when a driver crashed into them. According to one witness, bystanders confronted the driver and held him until the police came.

ISIS channels have been talking about the incident after learning that the driver was white.

The Muslims had been taking part in Ramadan services. Some witnesses claim that the victims were Muslims taking part in Tarawih, extra prayers performed by Sunni Muslims at night during the the month of Ramadan. The Muslim Council of Britain has said that their “prayers are with the victims.”

Al Qaeda operatives attended Finsbury Park Mosque, reports The Independent. Abu Hamza al-Masri was its former imam and was a preacher of militant Islamism.

The BBC writes about the mosque, “Finsbury Park Mosque has long been synonymous with the worst fears about Islamist extremism in Britain. The mosque’s new leadership have been struggling to reclaim it for the local community” following the arrest of al-Masri in 2006. al-Masri is serving a life sentence at an American federal supermax prison in Colorado.



Your mom

Islamiphobic huh? The fear of Islamic people. Seems to me like he wasn’t too scared. Or “racist attack.” You never classify Islamic attacks as racist attacks. Seems to me that this man is awake and realizes while you may not be at war with Islam, Islam is at war against you. Fact. And don’t say “innocent people.” You dont have a damn clue if those people were innocent or in on the next attack that kills your family. Not one clue. There’s a war brewing and you people better wake the heck up and stop hiding behind your liberal ideas that simply blind you to the truth. This stuff is real. Wake up. And no its not racist to say. Its happening.


No, you’re the dunce and cucks like you are part of the problem.


Since he got the idea to use a van to run people over from the muslims terrorist themselves.

Geoffrey Harris

You are correct. Also that mosque was full of sand-maggot militant lunatics.


reminder that “Islamaphobia” is completely justified

Jodi Hillhouse

You’re giving more benefit of the doubt to the terrorist than people who were just walking down the street getting hit. You are a terrorist sympathizer and hope that you get every anti terror task force there is up your ass with both hands and a flashlight.


GGuesing all you really wanted to be was a proctologist growing up but you grew up a blind asshole instead?

Guy Incognito

I don’t know, I’d say the fact that he tried to run away and had to be protected by the local imam from being beaten up suggested he was quite scared.


One thing that people like you don’t understand is that terrorists aren’t Muslims. Just because they say “Allahu Akbar” and say they are Muslim doesn’t make it true. If I were to go out and say “Jesus is our lord and savior” and then go commit a crime similar to the ones a terrorist group is doing, would that make me Christian? No. Terrorists have no religion. Never does it say in any religion that it’s ok to murder people if they aren’t following the same religion. The Quran and the Bible are similar in many ways. One major difference is the Bible has been changed while the Quran has remained the same since it has been revealed. In the Quran is states that it’s wrong to hurt one single hair on the top of someone’s head. Killing someone is the biggest sin in every religion. Terrorists are just cold hearted people that hijacked the religion of Islam. They could have chosen any other religion if they wanted to. I would advise you to go and read more on the religion of Islam instead of just listening to the news.


“after his car allegedly drove until people, claimed to be Muslims.”
was this story generated by some sort of computer?

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