White Supremacists Say James T. Hodgkinson ‘New Breed of Liberal’

James T. Hodgkinson, liberal terrorism, democratic terrorism


White supremacists are in outrage over the assassination attempt of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise by James T. Hodgkinson, an apparent liberal and Bernie Sanders supporter. SITE Intel Group Far Right/Far Left director Rita Katz writes that “white supremacists speculate [Hodgkinson] to be part of a ‘new breed’ of liberal that want to kill anyone who is Republican… while at the same time hoping the attacker is foreign in order to further argue in favor of Trump’s travel ban.”

Hodgkinson opened fire Wednesday morning at a Northern Virginia baseball field where Republican members of Congress were practicing, injuring Representative Steve Scalise and several others.

Scalise, who represents Louisiana’s first district, serves as the Republican Whip, the No. 3 position in the party’s House leadership. Scalise is reported to be in stable condition after being shot in the hip.

The shooting took place at a field in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Scalise and other members of Congress were practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game, which pits Republicans against Democrats.

Michael Brown, the chief of the Alexandria Police Department, said in a media briefing that five people were transported from the field with injuries. He did not divulge their identities. Brown said the shooting took place at 7:09 a.m. Wednesday.

Senator Rand Paul, who was at the practice, told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he was in the batting cage down the right-field line at the field when he heard a “rapid succession of shots” Morning Joe. Paul added that he thinks he heard the gunman reload.

Mo Brooks, U.S. Representative for Alabama’s 5th congressional district, used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding for Scalise, according to a report. Brooks is running for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

Two Capitol police officers were also shot, according to WUSA9. Congressman Gary Palmer was also injured.

NBC is reporting that Scalise and the policemen are in stable condition.


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Spencer Reeshly

>crazy liberal Bernie supporter goes on shooting spree
>liberal media STILL manages to spin it to blame white nationalists

Conniew (@Sylvieqt39)

His Facebook identifies him as a Democratic Socialist. Shocker.

Liberals are sick people. They have no morals or ethics. Obama and his liberal cronies hate the Constitution and free market capitalism. They do nothing but bleed the middle class dry.

My tax rate is 40% and my healthcare is now $700 per month thanks to Obamacare. My car insurance is still just $25/month (thanks to Insurance Panda), but if you look at Democrat strongholds like Detroit and New Orleans, where car insurance will run you $300+ per month, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the future of the United Socialist States of America.

The cultural Marxists have really done a number on Western youth, haven’t they? What a bunch of sick people.


Thanks to Obama. This is exactly what he wanted. Thank God trump won and will do everything he can to protect America. The f..n liberals have gone too far this time. Hey kathy scumbag Griffin and Chelsea slut handler…what do you have to say noe.
You hypocritical pieces of shit


At Connie W – how is your tax rate 40%? How is President Obama guilty of your tax rate? Only Congress sets the tax rates! Please read your constitution. President Obama lowered the highest tax rate, or bracket lower than what it was under Reagan. We’ve had the top tax brackets lowered from ever since Eisenhower and that top-down economics still hasn’t worked it’s been 75 years straight and it still does not work ! I’ll be waiting for your comment


There’s no reasoning with the oddities, Harvey. They’re too set in there ways. If it was Hitler vs Hillary last November, would they have voted for the “libtard woman?” No. They would have been attending Adolf’s rallies screaming lock her up, waving Nazi flags.

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