Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ivanka Trump marriage


Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump married on October 25, 2009, at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Their wedding came after only a three-month engagement.

They first met after being introduced by a real estate developer who thought Trump and Kushner meeting would be a good networking opportunity. Trump described their first date as “the best deal we ever made!”

Here is what you need to know:

1. Kushner & Trump Moved to Washington, D.C., After Donald Trump Became President

Ivanka Trump marriage


Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, his daughter and her husband moved to the nation’s capital. They both serve as adviser’s to the president and rank among some of his closest, though, early on, only Kushner was actually employed by the federal government, according to Newsweek; the outlet reported in March that Ms. Trump’s desk nevertheless occupies prime White House real estate.

Later in March, reported the New York Times, Ms. Trump’s role was legitimized, and she joined the administration with the title of assistant.

“Ms. Trump said last week that she planned on serving as an informal adviser to her father, and she already has an office in the West Wing — upstairs from her husband’s. She was also in the process of receiving government-issued security clearance and communications devices. But that plan had prompted criticism from ethics experts, who had said it would allow her to avoid financial disclosure rules.”

2. Trump Converted to Judaism Before Marrying Kushner

Ivanka Trump marriage


Kushner was raised in the tradition of Orthodox Judaism, but Ms. Trump was raised in the Presbyterian Christian faith. Although many people live in interfaith relationships, religion became a point of contention for the couple and at least one of their respective families.

At one point, according to New York Magazine, the couple actually split, briefly, in the summer 2008; Kushner’s mother was reportedly involved in the decision.

The two planned to marry. In 2009, Trump had already began studying for her conversion, before becoming officially engaged to Kushner (he proposed on Wednesday, July 15, 2009. Trump made the announcement on social media the next day).

“I am studying,” she said of her conversion, “and it’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience for me… One of the jokes I first started making when Jared and I first started dating is, I’m a New Yorker, I’m in real estate. I’m as close to Jewish, with an ‘i-s-h’ naturally as anyone can start off.”

Trump’s conversion was completed in 2009, but not everyone was satisfied. USA Today reported that the nation of Israel questioned the legitimacy the credentials of the rabbi who advised her during her conversion.

“In Israel, it’s not that simple: You’re only Jewish if the rabbinic authorities say you’re Jewish. Last year, they questioned the credentials of the rabbi who oversaw Ivanka Trump’s conversion. Then, a few weeks after her father Donald Trump won the U.S. election, Israel’s chief rabbis made a proclamation: They were looking to change the guidelines on which Jewish conversions they recognize. According to the proposed guidelines, they said in a statement, Ivanka Trump would be certified Jewish,” USA Today reported in February.

3. Kushner & Trump Have 3 Children Together

Less than two years after marrying, Trump and Kushner welcomed their first child into the world. The couple’s oldest child and only daughter to date, Arabella Rose, was born in July 2011. According to Town & Country, she is currently attending the Jewish Primary Day School in Washington, D.C., after her parents moved there to serve in the White House.

Trump and Kushner’s second child and first son, Joseph Frederick, was born in October 2013. A week after his birth, Ms. Trump shared a picture of him on Instagram (below). According to the Daily Mail, Joseph and his mom were likely dressed for a bris, the Jewish ritual of circumcision, which took place on the same day as the christening of the Royal Family’s Prince George.

In March 2016, Ms. Trump gave birth to the couple’s third child, a son they named Theodore James. Her baby bump made regular appearances on President Trump’s campaign trail, as, according to Vanity Fair, she was stumping for votes for the Trump campaign almost to the day she gave birth.

4. Kushner Previously Called Trump the ‘CEO’ of Their Household

Ivanka Trump marriage


As an executive, former model, television personality, wife and mother, Ms. Trump wears many hats. She’s so adept at multitasking that Kushner told Jonathan Van Meter, as part of an interview for Vogue, that she is “the CEO of our household.”

Contextually, the article discussed Trump transitioning in a matter of minutes from work to home life in New York City.

“For me, being so close to work is everything. I get here in three minutes and give them a bath, read to them, and put them to bed, and then I go out almost every night right afterward with Jared,” Ms. Trump told Vogue.

“I would say she is definitely the CEO of our household, whereas I’m more on the board of directors. We both pick up slack for each other where it’s needed, but she doesn’t want to outsource mothering, so she’s very involved,” Kushner told the publication.

5. They Appeared on ‘Gossip Girl’ Together

Ivanka Trump marriage


Kushner and Trump have made numerous media appearances between them, which is no surprise considering their public profiles. While Kushner’s notoriety is in its infancy and relegated to mostly archive footage, Trump has appeared on television dating back to 1997 and the 15th Annual Miss Teen USA Pageant, according to IMDb.

However, the couple have also appeared in a fictional program together. Trump and Kushner played themselves in an episode of The Cw’s drama, Gossip Girl. According to IMDB, “Gossip Girl follows the lives of privileged teenagers on the upper east side,” something with which both Trump and Kushner have experience. The couple appeared in the episode “Easy J,” during the show’s fourth season in 2010, making a cameo appearance.

“I never miss an episode of Gossip Girl. I think I’m a cross between Blair Waldorf and Lily van der Woodsen when it comes to the style. I like the uptown city style and a clean-cut, streamlined silhouette,” Ms. Trump told InStyle.

“We had so much fun filming together but I am not sure if you could characterize our cameo as acting per se. And the fact the episode aired on our one year wedding anniversary on Oct 25 was just the icing on the cake!”

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