London Victims of Bridge Terror Attack: Names & Photos

london victims

Police officers clear the area near Borough market at London Bridge on June 3, 2017 in London, England. (Getty)

The twin terror attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market in June 2017 took the lives of seven people and injured 48.

The first victim who died to be named was Christine Archibald, of Canada.

That’s in addition to the three terrorists, who were shot dead at the scene by police, who arrived within eight minutes. The terrorists mowed pedestrians down on London Bridge June 3, and then leapt from the van carrying knives and wearing hoax explosives vests. They then slashed and stabbed random people in Borough Market restaurants and pubs nearby, while shouting “This is for Allah.”

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Police officers and members of the emergency services attend to a person injured. (Getty)

Those injured were of multiple nationalities, including British, French, Australian, New Zealander, and Spanish. Twenty-one people were listed in critical condition the day after the attacks, according to Sky News. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that a Canadian was among those killed. A French citizen was also killed. One of the victims was shot by police in the melee.

In a statement, Metropolitan police said that, at 10:08 p.m, “we began to receive reports that a vehicle had struck pedestrians on London Bridge. The vehicle continued to drive from London Bridge to Borough Market.”

The suspects then left the vehicle and “a number of people were stabbed, including an on-duty British Transport Police officer who was responding to the incident at London Bridge. He received serious but not life-threatening injuries. His family has been informed.” Police responded and shot and killed the three terrorists in Borough Market.

The names of those killed have not yet been released. The injured included at least two police officers. One officer, who is also a rugby player, took on all three terrorists at once and was stabbed, according to The Sun. His name has not yet been released.

This article will be updated when the other names are released. Here are some of the victims whose names are known

Killed in the Attacks

Christine Archibald

Archibald, who was a Canadian citizen, was the first deceased victim to be identified in the attacks. She died in her fiancee’s arms after the terrorist van struck her on London Bridge, CBC reported.

Her family released a statement, according to The Guardian, which said,

We grieve the loss of our beautiful, loving daughter and sister. She had room in her heart for everyone and believed strongly that every person was to be valued and respected.

She lived this belief, working in a shelter for the homeless until she moved to Europe to be with her fiancé. She would have had no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death.

Please honour her by making your community a better place. Volunteer your time and labour or donate to a homeless shelter. Tell them Chrissy sent you.

You can read more about Archibald’s life here:

Kirsty Boden

Boden, who was killed in the attack, was a nurse.

According to BBC, the 28-year-old Australian nurse had run toward London Bridge to help people.

According to BBC, Boden’s family released a statement that read in part, “Helping people was what she loved to do in her job as a nurse and in her daily life. As she ran towards danger, in an effort to help people on the bridge, Kirsty sadly lost her life.”

James McMullan

McMullan was last seen outside a pub, and he’d been missing after the attack but is now reported dead.

His sister praised his “unique personality” to Sky News.


Geoff Ho

Geoff Ho, a business editor with a London newspaper and a martial artist, was knifed during the attack. His friends posted frantic pleas looking for him after the attack, but later tweeted that Ho was in the hospital in intensive care.

Ho was declared a hero for intervening to help a bouncer who was being stabbed by the terrorists. He was well enough to later write on Facebook, “Don’t know whether it was stupid or noble to jump in and break up the fight outside the Southwark Tavern, but two a*******s trying to do over the lone bouncer on the door isn’t happening on my watch.”

Candice Hedge

Candice Hedge, an Australian woman, was at Borough Market when one of the terrorists slashed her neck. She has survived the attack.

According to 9News, Hedge lives in England but is from Queensland. “Somehow Ms Hedge’s attacker’s blade missed her major arteries and windpipe, leaving her with a non-life threatening injury,” the Australian news station reported.

She was reported to be in good spirits in the hospital, according to 9News, which said another Australian was also injured in the attacks.

Oliver Dowling & Marie Bondeville

Oliver Dowling, 32, of New Zealand, was in a coma after the attack. However, Dowling is expected to survive.

The Mirror reported that he required four-hours long surgery after being stabbed in the neck, face, and stomach, but he is expected to make it because the attackers missed his major organs.

The condition of Dowling’s girlfriend, Marie Bondeville, is not yet clear, The Mirror reported.

Daniel O’Neill

Daniel O’Neill, 23, was among those stabbed. His mother told the news media, according to Daily Mail: “He just stepped outside the bar for a second and a man ran up to him and said: ‘This is for my family, this is for Islam,’ and stuck a knife straight in him. He’s got a seven-inch scar going from his belly round to his back.”

Andrew Morrison

Morrison was the other Australian stabbed in the attack. According to The Guardian, Morrison “was walking across the street after watching the Champions League final when ‘all of a sudden a guy comes up [with] a knife.'”

He told The Sun: “He got me, but I dodged it. I ducked and weaved.”

This article will be updated as more names are released of victims.