WATCH: Milwaukee Law Enforcement Officers Shoot 2 People on Lakefront


Two people were shot in a deputy-involved shooting in Milwaukee on June 11, and multiple videos of the incident were filmed by bystanders and posted to social media.

Law enforcement officers fired into a male suspect’s car during the evening after a pursuit. The gunfire hit two people inside of the vehicle, and gripping footage of the incident appears shows what transpired and the aftermath.

The male suspect, identified by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on June 12 as 19-year-old Terry Williams, was on life support at a nearby hospital. He was pronounced dead by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office on June 13.

The 23-year-old female passenger, whose name is Paula McEwen, is recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

Williams’ vehicle was being pursued after it failed to stop at a stop sign, Clarke said at a press briefing. After executing a traffic stop, the vehicle fled the scene.

There were hundreds of people near the lakefront Sunday, as it was the hottest day of the year so far for the area.

In one video filmed on Snapchat and posted to Facebook, deputies from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office pursued Williams’ green Audi Q5 when it comes to a stop amid traffic at a stoplight. Williams drives his vehicle up onto a median to get around cars when suddenly a deputy on foot runs next to the car and opens fire.

The deputy, identified by Clarke as Michael Truax, approaches the car from the opposite side of traffic before the suspect attempts to flee again. Truax appears to fire at least eight shots into the driver’s side of the vehicle before it comes to a stop, crashing into a car at the stoplight on Lincoln Memorial.

Watch a video of the shooting incident below:

Note: The videos posted below contain graphic material and strong language.

Another video posted to Facebook from bystanders viewing the aftermath shows the green SUV stopped when a male and female are seen getting pulled out of the vehicle while a large crowd gathers around the area.

Responding authorities ask the crowd to take a step back to the sidewalk as officers put the male and female into handcuffs while on the ground. Williams is in the drivers seat while bystanders are heard saying that the driver is “dead in the driver’s seat.”

Watch a chilling video of the aftermath below:

Another video from a witness on scene shows Williams on the ground, laying there motionless. He doesn’t appear to be moving as EMTs strap him to a stretcher, put him into an ambulance and transport him to a medical facility.

Watch that video below, but be warned that it also contains graphic content.

A photo posted later on shows what appears to be the suspect’s video with bullet holes in the front of the windshield.

The crowd near the scene continued to gather late into the evening in the Bradford Beach area on Lake Michigan, and police continued to force them back. The people moved back peacefully without any confrontations.

The police-involved shooting comes less than a year after a riot in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park broke out after a police officer shot 23-year old Sylville Smith. The riots lasted about three days and it started with a gas station being lit on fire, dozens of people injured and multiple being arrested.

The area where the rioting occurred is about seven miles away from where the June 11 incident took place.


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Black youth, as usual, fighting, getting into violent arguments and threatening innocents. This is the creature produced in the Inner City by promiscuous Black women:THIS is the problem!!!


We need to interview tamika and ‘so tasty love’ so they can tell everyone that when you try to run down a police officer, you will be stopped “by any means necessary”.
The democrat party is in favor of police being ran over and killed though, so it makes sense that race pimp mandela barnes would be there, asking for votes in his upcoming election so he can stop these white police officers from killing innocent black people.

“All as they had to do was stop” is what most people would say, but these are black people and there are different rules for them. The US had slavery and Trump is president so blacks are exempt from laws and rules. They’re for white people.


I bet you love when things like this happen…gives you the opportunity to go on your racist rants about how you’re so superior and how the ‘Democrat’ party is the devil. D0uche


The opportunity for racist rants are clearly shown and heard and loved by the sub-superior party heard and shown above that showed up to harass the law enforcement officers. They love when things like this happen. Is tax payer money is used for wide wheel pimped-up automobiles with armed unlicensed pharmacists inside? As a tax payer am I paying for both the criminals to be criminals and the police and sheriffs department to do their job? You implied the D-Party is the devil,t9p1, not me.

Proverbs 23:24

The father of righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.

I'm from Milwaukee and I ought to know

That is not ALL they said. Looks and sounds like hopeless people wandering around in eternal darkness. Why are these citizens not getting a proper education to be productive and law abiding tax paying citizens?

Jeffrey Alan Skurka

Bro , With the welfare state created by LBJ in 64 , and the influx of drugs into our Country by Red Communists (Neocons) ; we the people (U.S.) lost our way threw 1968 ! The Reds had transformed the new middle class of America into a dumbed down drug induced society of apathy ! Blacks are highly susceptible to drugs over other races and it makes them more self destructive ; victims of the systems …

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