Nadja Medley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Friends haven’t heard from Nadja Medley since police announced that they were searching for her boyfriend, Michael “Mike” Bullinger. Police started a manhunt for Bullinger after three unidentified women’s bodies were found on his property. The warrant doesn’t list him as a suspect, but has been issued for failure to report deaths to law enforcement. Friends are worried about the Medleys, who they say had recently moved to Idaho with Michael. Authorities have not officially declared the Medleys missing.

Three bodies were found covered in a shed just outside Michael’s home at 216 S. KCID Road in Caldwell, Idaho. The women were discovered after his son called to request a welfare check, worried that he hadn’t heard from his dad, Idaho Statesman reported. The three women each died of a single gunshot wound to the head, and they range in age from a teenager to mid-50s. Authorities think they have died one to two weeks ago. Authorities are using DNA and dental records to identify the women. Dead animals, including dogs and birds, were also found on the property.

Michael was last seen in Ogden, Utah ten days ago, Deputy Chief Marv Dashiell said. He may be driving a white 2007 Ford Focus, license plate 129 UMP. He’s 60 years old, 6-foot-1, and 240 pounds, with gray hair and brown eyes. Police say he’s armed and dangerous and if you see him, don’t approach him but call 911.

If you have seen these women or Michael, call 911.

Here’s what you need to know about Nadja and Payton.

1. Nadja Medley Has Been Dating Michael Bullinger for Two Years, Friends Said

Michael and Nadja (Facebook)

According to friends, Nadja Medley, 48, has been dating Michael for more than two years, KTVB reported. Nadja changed her status on Facebook to being “in a relationship” in August 2015. Michelle Holbrook, a friend of Nadja’s and Payton’s, said they had been dating for years and they were very happy. She thought they had a wonderful relationship and Michael treated the two like princesses. Because of this, she’s worried that Michael might have also been the victim of foul play.

Payton’s best friend, Bethany Cagle, told KTVB that Michael was a normal person who treated Payton like his own daughter, and she called him “Dad.” Cagle hasn’t heard from Payton since around June 8, which is about the same time that Holbrook last heard from Nadja.

2. They Just Moved to Idaho, Where Bullinger Was Also Moving With His Wife


Nadja and Payton had just moved to Idaho to be with Michael, friends said. Holbrook told KTVB that she didn’t think anyone else was living at the house with Payton, Nadja, and Bullinger. However, property records showed that Michael co-owned the house with his wife, 57-year-old Cheryl Baker. Byron Baker, Cheryl’s brother, told the Idaho Statesman that his sister is missing and he hasn’t heard from her for about 10 days. She and Michael were selling a home in Ogden, Utah and moving to their new home in Caldwell, Idaho. Byron said he had no idea who else might have been at the property, and rumors he’s been hearing have only brought more questions.

Byron said that one of Cheryl’s friends received a strange text message from Cheryl recently. The text read: “Take care of my dogs. I don’t know if I’m coming back.” He didn’t think it was serious, assuming the couple was going on a long backpacking trip like they sometimes did. He hasn’t heard from his sister since she sent the text, but he thought Michael and his sister were happily married. They have been married for about 10 years. After a rafting trip last year, he said his sister was glowing and talking about how well they got along. “They were just peas in a pod,” he said.

It appeared that Nadja and Michael were happy together too. Although Nadja never mentioned Michael’s last name on Facebook, she did frequently share happy posts showing her, her daughter, and “Mike” together. She lived in Ogden, and she wrote on Facebook that her boyfriend had asked her and her daughter to move to Idaho to be with him once he got a more secure job. She later posted about moving to a new home in Boise in May and then shared happy photos of the property where she lived, talking excitedly about being there and how they planned to move their horses to the property in just a couple weeks.

3. Nadja and Her Daughter, Payton, Are Very Close


Nadja often posts happy photos of her and her daughter, Payton, on Facebook. The two appear to be very close. She also frequently posted happy photos of Payton and Michael together. In March, Nadja posted a public announcement on Facebook, sharing that she and Payton were moving to be with Mike. “Boise, here we come!” she wrote. Friends posted congratulations, saying that they knew she and Payton had wanted to do this for awhile. Nadja said they were living on five acres close to town with “lots of trees and pasture.”


A couple days later, she posted the following:

(Facebook – Names blacked out for privacy)

4. Nadja Is a Massage Therapist Who Loves Animals and Taking Care of Others

(Facebook/Nadja Medley)

You can tell from Nadja’s posts and friends’ responses that she loves helping out other people, and has a deep love of animals. She had dogs, cats, and a wide variety of animals. In early May she wrote online: “We’re on our way to Boise. Dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, fish, birds, snake and people. One helluva packing adventure!”


Nadja was a massage therapist and a German immigrant, KTVB reported. Her love of helping others shined through in her online posts. She wrote in April:


She was also an atheist and often posted about her beliefs on her page, discussing them with others. She was very open about her past and pain she had dealt with, ready to use that to encourage others who were dealing with similar troubles.

5. Nadja’s Friends Have Been Posting Worried Messages Online

Photo of Michael Bullinger from Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office.

Since friends stopped hearing from her and heard the news about the deaths on Michael’s property, they’ve been sharing worried messages online, fearing the worst. Friends told KTVB that Nadja and Payton would never stop contacting people. “They would never drop off the face of the earth.”

One worried public post from a friend who believes Nadja and Payton are gone. (Facebook)

Another friend wrote on Facebook:

This is a developing story. We will update this story when there is more information.

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