Boston Mayor Responds to Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

You can now add the city of Boston to the list of cities objecting to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh tweeted out a picture of City Hall Thursday night that shows the building bathed in green light. In his tweet, Walsh said that “Boston stands with the environment. We must protect our future.”

The Paris Climate Agreement includes nearly 195 countries, all in agreement that changes need to be made to combat the changing climate and the dangers that come with it. By withdrawing, the United States would find themselves sitting at a table joined only by Syria and Nicaragua. Trump’s decision comes after his NATO visit, where he was repeatedly urged to stay the course and not withdraw from the landmark agreement.

According to CNN, Trump’s decision “will spark a lengthy process that won’t conclude until November 2020– the same month he’s up for reelection, ensuring the issue became a major topic of debate in the next presidential election.” To which a weary American public responded, “we’re not ready for another election just yet.”

Walsh first spoke out about Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris agreement Wednesday, saying in speech at Boston’s City Hall that withdrawing “will damage our reputation as an international leader, it will undermine our country’s commitment to meeting the challenges of climate change, and it will also put at risk our future generations.” Trump’s decision will have no bearing on whether or not Boston continues it’s mission to honor the commitments they made in regards to climate change, Walsh added.

Soon after Trump’s announcement Thursday afternoon, Walsh responded on Twitter, saying the decision was irresponsible. In a statement, Walsh said that withdrawing puts future generations at risk and that “Boston will not standby given what’s at stake.” Walsh belongs to the Climate Mayors (Mayors National Climate Action Agenda,) which consists of almost 90 American mayors working together to combat climate change.