President Donald Trump’s Birthday: The Best Memes You Need to See

Trump’s getting a lot of memes for his birthday. (Getty)

Today is President Donald Trump’s birthday! He turns 71 today and if you want to send him a card, you can do so here until 9 p.m. today. Some people are celebrating his birthday today and others aren’t, but everyone has memes to share about the special day. Here are some of the best circulating the Internet:

Happy Memes & Tweets

First, here are the happy memes and tweets celebrating President Trump’s birthday. Some people are still remembering when Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as deplorables:

Other people are just happy about his birthday:

Others remembered that today is both Flag Day and Trump’s birthday:

And of course, many supporters could not forget his MAGA in their tweets and well wishes:

Not-So-Happy Memes & Tweets

Of course, the Internet is for everyone. And those who dislike Trump also shared their own tweets and memes about his birthday. Some of them made fun of the birthday balloons on Trump’s Twitter page, which is a feature Twitter does anytime someone has a birthday:

And then there were fake Trump accounts imagining what he might tweet:

And some still thinking about the inauguration:

And all the others:

So which side are you on? Are you wishing Trump a happy birthday and hoping he has a great day, or are you feeling angry at him and hoping his birthday is unpleasant? Let us know in the comments below.