Charisse O’Leary, Wife of London Suspect Rachid Redouane, Speaks Out

Charisse O’Leary, the wife of Rachid Redouane, is speaking out, days after her estranged husband joined at least two other men and carried out a terror attack in London. O’Leary married Redouane after he “failed to get asylum to live in the UK” and split from him less than a year ago.

O’Leary had been in a long-term relationship when she met Redouane back in 2012, but she ended up having an affair. She ran off to Dublin to be with Redouane and the two married. Redouane went back to his native Morocco and O’Leary returned to London. The two would meet up in various countries, continuing their would-be love story. It is believed that they lived in Ireland together for a period of time before moving back to London.

In 2014, Redouane returned to London on an Irish visa, which he was able to obtain because of his marriage. He and O’Leary officially moved in together in Barking, but things went south fairly soon after that. O’Leary claims that Redouane mistreated her. She claims that he was physically violent and that he would bully her regularly. She found out she was pregnant just before the abuse started.

In 2015, the couple welcomed their daughter, Amina. She is now 17 months old.

O’Leary says that she and Redouane split nine months ago but were still in contact so that he could see their baby daughter. The reason for their split was fairly simple. O’Leary claims that Redouane wanted her to convert to Islam but she refused. That, coupled with his violent tendencies, ended their union. However, it does not appear as though the two were ever legally divorced.

“He was always really selfish and I gave up so much for him. I was never going to convert and become a Muslim. There’s no way I was going to do that. I just didn’t agree with what he wanted. He didn’t want Amina to eat pork or go to dance classes and I wasn’t having that. He didn’t want her watching things on TV either in case it made her ‘gay,'” O’Leary previously told a friend.

Three hours before the London Bridge attack, Redouane showed up at O’Leary’s flat to see his daughter. According to The Sun, he signed into the visitor’s register at her complex just before 7:00 p.m. local time.

O’Leary claims that she had no idea that Redouane was a terrorist. She was arrested and questioned by authorities following the London Bridge attack but was released. The report indicates that she’s currently living in a safe house with her daughter.

On June 7, O’Leary released the following statement.

“Since discovering that it was Rachid that was responsible I have shed many tears for the people caught up in this horrific incident. Rachid and I have been separated for six months. We have a beautiful young daughter, that for the last six months has been our only bond and reason for contact. My thoughts and efforts now are with trying to bring up my daughter with the knowledge that someday I will have to try and explain to her why her father did what he did. I wish to make it absolutely clear, so there can be no doubt, I condemn his actions and do not support the beliefs he held that led to him committing this atrocity.”

According to the Daily Mail, an investigation has been launched to “establish if Redouane duped his wife and wed her for immigration reasons.”

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