Rebecca Burger Photos: Remembering the Fitness Blogger’s Life

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Rebecca Burger. (Facebook)

Rebecca Burger was a popular fitness blogger in France.

She filled her Instagram and Facebook pages with photos of herself in athletic wear, in swimsuits, traveling to exotic locations, and of healthy eating.

The provocative poses earned her thousands of followers: More than 150,000 on Instagram alone, and another 50,000 on Facebook.

Tragically, the way Rebecca died has earned her even more headlines.

The 33-year-old French blogger was killed by an exploding whipped cream dispenser. Her family confirmed that news on her Instagram page, even posting a photo of a similar device and issuing a caution to consumers. In the post, which was posted in French, the family wrote that the metal canister’s part struck Burger in the thorax, killing her. They urged consumers to be cautious of the devices.

BBC says the exploding canisters have been a problem for years. “The injuries caused range from broken teeth and tinnitus to multiple fractures and, in one case, the loss of an eye,” BBC reported.

BBC said the devices had led to at least one recall but that some of them are safer since 2015.

Technically, Burger died of cardiac arrest, according to BBC.

The New York Daily News dubbed what happened to Burger a “freak accident.”

Rebecca Burger’s prolific photos posted to her social media accounts show that she was in optimum shape.

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A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on May 1, 2017 at 8:43am PDT

Her family also posted a death announcement to her Facebook page. “It is with great sadness that we announce Rebecca’s death on Sunday June 18, 2017 following a domestic accident,” the post said. It was attributed to “Family, relatives and grieving husband.”

Her last post on Facebook came June 16 and showed her in the shower.

She also shared the photo to Instagram.

Rebecca frequently posted photos of herself in workout gear.

And in swimsuits.

And dressed up for a night on the town.

She also posted photos with her puppy.

Part of her allure was taking her followers on exotic destinations. Many of her photos have a travel blog feel to them. Here she is in Berlin:

She also liked to post photos of food.