U.S. Marine’s Support Dog Attacks Man on Delta Flight

U.S. Marine Ronald Kevin Mundy Jr. boarded a Delta Airlines flight at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta with his support dog. After he got to his seat, his dog — a chocolate Labrador/pointer mix — began growling at another passenger.

According to TMZ, Marlin Termaine Jackson was sitting next to the dog when things got a little uneasy. The report indicates that Jackson asked Mundy if the dog would bite. Jackson was sitting in the window seat and Mundy was in the middle seat. Other passengers said that the dog was in Mundy’s lap.

Moments later, the dog attacked Jackson, mauling him in the face. Jackson needed to be helped off the plane. He was covered in blood and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. He is currently listed in stable condition but has “severe” facial injuries, according to the New York Post.

“The gentleman’s face was completely bloody, blood in his eyes, cheeks, nose, his mouth, his shirt was covered in blood,” passenger Bridget Maddox-Peoples told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Mundy, clearly rocked by the incident, is very shaken up, afraid that he’s going to lose his dog. Witnesses said that they heard Mundy crying, “I know they’re going to put him down” shortly after the attack. According to the New York Post, Mundy told the flight crew that the dog was issued to him as a support animal. Mundy was described as a “combat veteran.”

Delta Airlines released the following statement to Fox 5 Atlanta after the incident.

“Prior to pushback of flight 1430, ATL-SAN,  a passenger sustained a bite from another passenger’s emotional support dog. The customer who was bitten was removed from the flight to receive medical attention. Local law enforcement cleared the dog, and the dog and its owner were re-accommodated on a later flight; the dog will fly in a kennel.”

Mundy did make it to his destination on a different flight. His dog traveled in a kennel.

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