Bahamas Shark Attack: North Carolina Mother Loses Part of Her Arm

Bahamas shark attack

(WSOC TV Video Screenshot)

Tiffany Johnson was on vacation with her husband James when she was attacked by a shark. The couple was snorkeling in the Bahamas on the last stop of their cruise when a shark came up behind Johnson and bit into her arm.

“I wasn’t in pain, it just felt like I had bumped into something so I just casually turned to my right to look to see and that’s when I was face to face with the shark. He had my whole arm in his mouth and he was just floating there, just staring at me,” Tiffany Johnson told WSOC TV. “I kept trying to yank my hand back and the last time I yanked he had cut it clean off so I was able to actually get free,” she added.

James rushed in to help his wife, but she couldn’t break free from the shark’s bite. It wasn’t until the lower part of her arm was torn off that Tiffany was able to get away. Somehow, despite the incredibly intense situation, Tiffany was able to stay calm.

“I felt this tangible peace on me and it was so thick, that I was just calm,” Tiffany said. There was no indication on what type of shark may have attacked Tiffany. However, there are numerous different shark species living in Caribbean waters. In most areas, you can find tiger sharks, hammerheads, black tips, and bull sharks. While some aren’t considered a danger to humans, others can be very aggressive.

“I’m thankful to be able to share this story and I hope, and I know, that it’s going to change people’s lives because you can’t hear this story and not see God in it,” Tiffany added. “I’ll have another chance. I’m just so thankful. I’m thankful to be here,” she said.

Tiffany will undergo another surgery on her arm on Friday. Doctors are preparing to fit her with a prosthetic limb.

In 2014, a dentist by the name of Dr. Steven Cuthbirth was attacked by a bull shark in the Bahamas. Dr. Cuthbirth, a Texas resident, had speared a 10-pound hogfish that was apparently supposed to be dinner for the shark. Cuthbirth suffered wounds on his leg and his face, but survived the attack, according to the Telegraph.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Tiffany Johnson.

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