WATCH: Woman Falls From Six Flags Ride

A teenager on a Six Flags Amusement Park “Sky Ride” in upstate Queensbury, New York fell 25-feet from the stopped gondola ride into a tree then into the arms of a crowd on Saturday. The 14-year-old girl from Greenwood, Delaware, was first treated by park emergency medical staff on site before being taken by ambulance to Glens Falls Hospital. She was later airlifted by helicopter to the Albany Medical Center.

She was in stable condition with no serious injuries.

Six Flags said in a statement that the ride did not appear to have any sort of malfunction. It’s unclear what caused her to fall. In the video, she is in the gondola with an unidentified man.

According to Fox News, the “unidentified 47-year-old man from Schenectady, New York, who was a guest at the park, was treated and released from a hospital for a back injury sustained when he attempted to catch the falling girl.”

The last major accident at a Six Flags occurred on Le Vampire in Montreal, Quebec on July 6, 2012, when a 67-year-old employee of the park was killed. The unnamed employee was found under the ride in a restricted area, apparently hit in the head by the roller coaster. The Montreal Gazette writes that is unknown why the worker was in the area. Authorities did not rule out suicide.

The last fall at a Six Flags was on August 3, 2007, when a 6-year-old girl fell from an Octopus ride in Maryland, reports Delmarva Now. The girl sustained non-life threatening injuries.