Nate Washington, Tom Cotton’s Intern: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nate Washington Facebook page

Nate Washington pictured on his Facebook page.

An intern for Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton has been recorded calling British people “fa***ts” and House Speaker Paul Ryan a “cuck.” Nate Washington was first recorded by a Mediaite reporter. The tape shows Nate saying that the British are “fa***ts” because of the revolutionary war and that Benedict Arnold was a “homosexual.” While Rep. Paul Ryan is referred to as a “cuck” and a “yankee.” The Mediate piece notes the origins of cuck as being a far-right term for those who are soft on conservative issues.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Nate Was the Head of the Western Kentucky University Republicans

Nate Washington Twitter page


According to his Facebook page, Nate was the president of the Western Kentucky University Republicans. Nate worked at the Republican Party of Kentucky until January 2017 when he went to work for Senator Cotton. He’s a native of Clarksville, Tennessee. Another job listed on Nate’s page is time he spent as a union representative for UPS.

Nate was pictured cheering by the Lexington Herald-Leader in the midst of an anti-Trump protest on campus at WKU in the immediate aftermath of the election. Nate was a legal and political science student at the school. The WKU Herald reported on another protest on November 21 which was held in solidarity with minority students. Nate told the Herald how he disagreed with the activity saying, “They do this for attention. Why come sit out here if you don’t want people to engage with you?” Nate thought the protests were based on “feelings not fact.”

Nate opined that Democrats should accept Trump’s win the way Republicans “accepted” President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 election victories. Nate went on to blame WKU for pushing an agenda that saw right-wing people viewed as bigots.

2. Nate Says, ‘The People That Are Opposed to Trump See Him as a Villain’

Nate Washington Facebook page

Nate pictured with Sen. Ted Cruz in April 2016. (Facebook)

In a 2016 interview, Nate said, “The people that are opposed to Trump see him as a villain. They will never see the good he’s done.” Nate went on, “I truly believe that a lot of the things that were said about Trump are strong accusations with not a lot to back them up. We live in a country that is very media driven.”

Nate went on to talk about his upbringing describing his household as Republican, “It doesn’t matter what ideology you have, you must give a little bit of something.”

3. Nate Regularly Uses the Word ‘Fa***t’ to Describe People

Nate Washington Faecbook page


During the writing of this article, Nate has switched his Twitter page to private. As Mediate notes, Nate often countered critics on Twitter with the the slur, “F*g,” “Fa***t” and one rant which referred to someone as a “tranny.”

4. Nate Says He Is ‘Damn So’ a Bigot Against Muslim People

Nate Washington Muslim ban

Nate is a steadfast supporter of Trump’s Muslim ban. (Getty)

Nate made numerous references to Trump’s Muslim ban in the Mediaite recordings. Nate said, “They say, ‘We need to lax our immigration system and let more of these people in,’ f**k no.” He goes on, “Am I a bigot? I guess damn so.”

Nate told the WKU student newspaper, “Without thoroughly vetting these people, how do we know who these people are? We don’t. There’s no way to know. It’s virtually impossible. Now, we do have a vetting system. It’s not true when people say that we’re just bringing these people in… I truly don’t want to dehumanize an entire group of people, but there are serious questions with this kind of influx of people.”

In a separate segment, Nate says that he doesn’t believe healthcare for all people, “You will die in the streets if you are an idiot… we believe in social Darwinsim, the idiots will get f***ed.”

5. Nate No Longer Works for Senator Cotton

Nate Washington Twitter page

Nate pictured with friends in front of the U.S. Capitol. (Twitter)

A spokesman for Senator Cotton’s office told Mediate that Nate no longer works there. The spokesperson said Nate “is no longer an intern in Senator Cotton’s office. Beyond that, I cannot comment on personnel matters.”

Senator Cotton, who was at one point considered for Secretary of Defense, has backed Trump’s travel ban and “extreme vetting” policies.


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The UK may have lost the Revolutionary War, but they have actually emerged victorious. They still own and rule over the USA. The UK has embedded itself into US Intelligence, US elections, US media, US schools, and in the US banking system.


Please!… if we’re not going to get into what Trump and his Appointees said to the Russians during the 2016 U.S. Federal Election, then why would Republicans care about what some Republican Intern said about the citizenry of Britain (AND REGARDLESS OF THE INTERN’S COLOR!)!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!


Jesus is Lord? Not for me. That’s not how you win an argument and convince people. * smh *


I guess it’s ok to use the word *aggot, but not the word *igger?!

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