Travis Air Force Base ‘Shooting’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Travis Air Force Base: 'Real World Security Incident'

(U.S. Air Force)

An air force base in California is on lockdown following a “real world security incident.” A spokesperson for the base posted on Facebook at around 3:30 p.m. local time, “Travis Air Force Base is currently responding to a real world security incident. More details will be released as they become available. The public is being asked to stay away from the base to ensure emergency responders can respond accordingly.” Marie Lowe, a public affairs specialist, confirmed the shooting, according to CNN’s Dianne Gallagher. The base is located in Fairfield, California, close to San Francisco.

Just after 5 p.m., a spokesman from Rep. John Garamendi’s office told KCRA’s Derek Schnell that the incident was a “false alarm.” While a source told the AP’s Juliet Williams that “a mistaken report of a shooting let to Air Force base lockdown.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Person Who Lives on the Base Described it as an ‘Active Shooter’ Situation

A woman who lives at Travis Air Force base, Shayna O’Laughlin, says that there is an active shooter on the grounds. CBS Sacramento reports that the shooting occurred in the base’s shopping center.

NBC San Francisco’s Sergio Quintana quoted an official at the base saying “security forces are responding to some type of shooting incident.”

2. The Lockdown Was Related to Planned Emergency Drills

Travis Air Force Base Shooting

(Screengrab via NBC Sacramento)

The base confirmed that the lockdown is not related to the planned two day security drills that personnel were undertaking. Later, the base issued a new statement saying that somebody had mistaken an active shooter drill for an active shooter.

The Daily Republic reported that sirens and and alarms will be heard coming from the base in order to increase the simulation.

3. Over 15,000 People Work & Live on the Base

Over 15,000 people live and work at the base, located in Solano County, California. That includes nearly 4,000 civilians. The airport at the base handles more passenger traffic than another military airport in the U.S.

4. Personnel at the Base Are Being Told to ‘Shelter in Place’

Those at the base are being told to stay away from windows and lock their doors, according to CBS Sacramento’s Sam Shane. Meanwhile, incoming aircraft have been told the all landings at the base are suspended. Angela Greenwood, also of CBS Sacramento, tweeted that air force personnel have not confirmed the “active shooter” reports. The main gate to the base has been closed.

5. This Comes on an Already Tragic Day for Shootings in America

The lockdown came on June 14, the same day that James T. Hodgkinson shot Rep. Steve Scalise and four others at a baseball field in the Virginia. The congressman was practicing for the upcoming Republican/Democrat baseball game. As many as 50 shots were reported during the incident. While closer to Travis Air Force base, a disgruntled UPS employee, Jimmy Lam, shot-and-killed three of his colleagues “execution style” in San Francisco.


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Ok, I AM for taking the guns away from the military, who cannot be trusted….just let the honest citizens keep theirs.

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I don’t know why anybody would be surprised ?
The media is promoting hatred !
The democratic party is promoting hatred !

I don’t know why anybody would be surprised ?
people are allowed to talk about blowing up the White House !
They’re allowed to say it’s okay to kill the president of United States !

Free speech is one thing but to bully someone and using the media to do it !

The Democratic party has planted the evil seed ; and now we will watch tbe evilness grow to a blossoming corrupt flower.

How many more will die to nurture the corrupt flower ?


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