PHOTOS: Tribeca Carbon Monoxide Incident, Fire & Evacuation

tribeca carbon monoxide

The scene in Tribeca. (Twitter/Mauricio Luna)

There was massive law enforcement response to a carbon monoxide emergency at a high-rise apartment building in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood.

According to NBC New York, 34 people were injured in the incident. “Nearly three dozen people were hurt after a defective oil burner in the basement of a Tribeca high-rise spewed toxic fumes throughout the building,” reported NBC New York, which added that one of the more than three dozen people injured was in critical condition.

One account said that people were lying in the street as the situation unfolded on June 13.

A fire broke out inside the building, according to the New York Daily News, which said the incident occurred around 8:30 a.m., starting in a basement in the luxury apartment building. The fire caused the dangerous carbon monoxide levels to circulate through the building, The New York Daily News reported.

The Daily News reported that the person in critical condition was a tenant of the high-rise building. Photos showed numerous ambulances and firefighters rushing to the scene.

The building is 12 stories high, PIX 11 reported, adding, “Fire officials responded to a defective oil burner in the basement of a multi-use building at West Broadway and Murray Street.”

According to PIX 11, there were unconfirmed reports that a suspicious package may have been found in the area but no evidence of a connection at this point. The situation was being treated as a haz-mat incident, according to the New York television station.

The identities of those injured have not yet been released.

Photos captured at the scene showed a dramatic and massive law enforcement response. New York is on edge because of terrorist attacks around the world, but there is no evidence that anything like terrorism is connected to this incident. Tribeca is a high-end neighborhood in New York City that is popular with celebrities.

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