WATCH: Man Pulls Over ‘Drunk Driver’ & Takes His Car Keys

Zach Bishop was driving down a highway when he noticed a car swerving across all traffic lanes. He managed to convince the apparently intoxicated driver to pull over and hand over his car keys. However, Bishop decided to not call the cops on the man.

The 5:50-minute video begins with Bishop filming and saying, “This guy is drunk as f*ck right now. Dude, I just watched him do some sh*t. Look, look at him. He can’t even stay straight… I want to call the cops right now.”

During this, the other car is shown swerving across the highway and nearly onto the grass of the median strip of the divided highway.

Bishop eventually gets to meet up with the other driver at a stoplight. He pulls alongside next to him.

“Yo, pull over,” he tells the man. “You’re on video. You’re drunk. Pull over.”

The man appears to consider the demand but takes his time. Bishop adds, “I’m doing you the biggest favor in the world right now.” The man follows Bishop’s instructions.

Once the man is pulled over, Bishop walks up to him and requests the man to turn his car off and give him his keys. Once he has the keys, Bishop tells the man to walk home and informs him when and where he can get his keys back.

Bishop writes in the summary on the YouTube video page:

I pulled over a drunk driver and gave him a second chance. I didn’t know if that was the right thing to do. I just went back to the vehical and his friends/ family was there. The woman who owned the vehicle cried in my arms thanking me. I guess it was, but any one who thinks about drinking and driving just remember your not alone on your ride.

However, Bishop’s decision to not call the cops on the man drew the ire of the internet crowd. Many believe the man will not learn his lesson, with one person citing a statistic that “on average, a drunk driver will drive 80 times under the influence before their first arrest.”

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