WATCH: Bucks County DA Says Dean Finocchiaro Remains Found

Bucks County Missing Men

Screengrab via NBC Philadelphia Jimi Tar Patrick is second from right.

The Bucks County district attorney made a grim announcement in the case of four missing men when he announced that the remains of one of them, Dean Finocchiaro, had been found. The DA also labeled the case “homicide.”

District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub revealed in a rare midnight press conference that the remains found might also include three other bodies, although only Finocchiaro was ID’d. “This is a homicide, make no mistake about it,” Weintraub said. “We have found human remains. In an approximately 12 and a half foot deep common grave that we have painstakingly dug with a lot of care so as not to damage any potential evidence. I’m very, very sad to say that we can now identify Dean Finocchiaro, 19-years-old…as one of the people who was found buried in that grave.” You can watch the press conference video below (note that the actual press conference starts at about 11 minutes into the television station’s live feed below):

Three other Bucks County, Pennsylvania men remain missing: Mark R. Sturgis, Thomas Meo, and Jimi Tar Patrick. According to, they each had some link to Cosmo DiNardo, 20.

In the press conference, the DA also revealed: “There are additional human remains inside that grave. So this painstaking process will go on.”

He pledged, “We’re going to bring each one of these lost boys home to their families.” He said he couldn’t detail yet how those in the grave died.

The human remains were found on the property of Antonio and Sandra DiNardo, the parents of Cosmo DiNardo, who’s already under arrest and accused of charges that he tried to sell the car of Thomas Meo, one of the missing men. DiNardo was previously accused of a firearms offense, but he was released on $100,000 bail. His bail in the more recent case was set at $5 million. Police had said previously that they were searching multiple locations for the missing Bucks County men.

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Facebook/Bucks County District Attorney Cosmo DiNardo, left, in his mugshot after his arrest on a gun charge on July 11, and in a photo with an unidentified woman posted to his Facebook page in 2016.

The District Attorney said in the press conference that cadaver dogs found the remains on the property. The remains were found in a 12-foot grave on the property.

The discovery brings some closure to the bizarre disappearance of the four young men, which had ignited a massive search operation throughout Pennsylvania. DiNardo has not officially been labeled a suspect by police, but discovery of the body and other remains is obviously a huge break in the case. Authorities have called DiNardo a “person of interest.”

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