Chester Bennington Murdered Hoax Hits Internet

chester bennington murdered hoax

Getty Chester Bennington of Linkin Park at Bridgestone Arena on January 17, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. has posted a story that claims police are investigating Chester Bennington’s death as a murder. Do not be fooled by this story as has been known to post fake stories before. CBS News did a quick investigation on a story they ran about Michelle Obama and determined it to be false. The story claimed that Michelle Obama had unfollowed Hillary Clinton on Twitter, but it wasn’t true. has a whole page of debunked stories from, showing that the site commonly shares made-up stories. The site can be a bit confusing, because in addition to fake stories they also post real stories.

Politifact has also labeled as fake news.

If you look closer at the Bennington story, never quotes actual people when they say the police are investigating Bennington’s death as a murder. The quote reads as follows:

“Murders are sometimes made to look like suicides. We think he was murdered, we just have to find out who was behind it,” said a police source.

That’s a pretty bold statement to leave as just quoted by a “police source.” And, if it were true, how is it that no other major media outlets were informed about this statement? A statement like that would be carried by every major news source in the country if it were true. So far, no major outlets are reporting Bennington’s death as a “possible murder.”

The article also claims that Bennington and the late Chris Cornell were working to expose “notorious entertainment industry pedophiles.” But, the link they share about that story actually has nothing to do with Bennington and Cornell. They link to a story with the headline “Nicole Kidman: ‘Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World'”. has also now said that the Bennington story is false.

When it come to these situations, you must look at the source, and the source in this case has been known to publish made-up stories before.