Police: Danielle Stislicki ‘Likely Dead,’ ‘No Specific Evidence’ Led Them to Hines Park

Danielle Stislicki dead

Farmington Hills Police

Danielle Stislicki is “likely dead,” according to police in Michigan. On Wednesday morning, search crews headed to Hines Park in Livonia to continue searching for Stislicki after she went missing back in December.

According to Detroit News, Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus released a statement about the Stislicki case.

“Law enforcement authorities have expressed since day one that Danielle Stislicki was a victim of a crime. The facts of the case lead us to believe she is not alive. Several air, land, and water searches have been conducted at various places throughout the investigation. Hines Park is being searched as the result of a recent Livonia and Farmington Hills joint investigation,” Nebus said.

Law enforcement and canine units have been searching Hines Park for any possible evidence that could be related to this missing person case. However, Nebus was sure to mention that there wasn’t any “specific evidence” that led authorities to believe that Stislicki’s body is in the park.

“Because the Livonia incident occurred in Hines Park, it is a location that requires searching. There is no specific information or evidence that leads us to believe Danielle’s remains are in the park,” Nebus said.

According to the Detroit Free Press, police have told those helping in the search to look for various items that could be clues.

“Items to be watchful for are Danielle’s sky blue colored three-in-one Eddie Bauer coat, black zip-up shirt, blue jeans and burgundy boots. The public is also asked to look for a tan- and brown-striped comforter, which could also be important to this case,” read a news release made available on Wednesday morning.

The 28-year-old resident of Farmington Hills, Michigan, has not been seen since December 2, when she was leaving the MetLife Office building where she had worked. The next evening, police found her 2015 Jeep Renegade in front of her apartment building in the Independence Green Apartment Complex, according to the Detroit Free Press.

A man by the name of Floyd Galloway, Jr. has been questioned about Stislicki, but has not been charged. He has been named as a “person of interest” in the case.

“Galloway is a former security guard who worked for a contracted company that previously provided security at MetLife in Southfield, where Danielle Stislicki was employed. Galloway was acquainted with Danielle during his security duties at MetLife,” Chief Nebus said in his statement.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding Stislicki posted the following message about an hour ago.

“Today law enforcement and crews are searching Hines Park for any signs of Danielle. It is very nerve-wracking to watch and read, but our mission is clear: to Find Danielle Stislicki. Our prayers are with the personnel conducting the search. We need to still keep the focus on finding her. So please continue to share her story. We will keep you as updated as we can. Thank you everyone, for sharing.”

Anyone with any information about Stislicki’s disappearance or whereabouts is asked to contact Farmington Hills Police Dept. at (248) 871-2610.

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