‘Great Day at the White House’ Tweet From Donald Trump

Donald Trump live stream, Donald Trump Medal of Honor, James McCloughan Medal of Honor Getty

President Donald Trump on July 31.

Despite everything, Donald Trump thought July 31 was a “Great Day at the White House.”

The message came at the end of the day in which the White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was fired. The former Wall Street finance whizz had been in the job for 11 days. His reign was among the more eventful moments of Trump’s presidency. The expletive filled-rant about his colleagues at the White House in an on-the-record interview with the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza was among the highlights.

It later emerged that Scaramucci’s wife, Deidre Ball, had filed for divorce on July 29. That was just a few days after she had given birth to their second child. Scaramucci missed the birth to be at a campaign event with Trump in West Virginia.

The New York Times reported that the firing came as a result of new Chief of Staff John Kelly’s shake-up. Scaramucci was removed on Kelly’s first day. The general was, according to the Times, unhappy at Scaramucci’s access to Trump. The financier had bragged to other staff that he didn’t have to answer to anyone but Trump. It was Kelly who fired Scaramucci.

It’s more likely that Trump was referring to the awarding of the Medal of Honor to James McCloughan. The first such medal that Trump has awarded. McCloughan received the medal for “conspicuous gallantry during the Vietnam War.” McCloughan was 23 in 1969 when he was involved in 48 hours of close proximity fighting with members of the North Vietnamese army.

Trump began the day with a typical tweeting stream of consciousness. The president wrote, among other things, “Highest Stock Market EVER, best economic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, S.C.: No WH chaos!”

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