Drive by Dunk Challenge: All the Videos You Need to See

An Instagram user that goes by “t.currie” is trying to get viral traction on his new challenge idea: the #drivebydunkchallenge, where people dunk on basketball hoops they drive by. The original video, posted by t.currie to his Instagram account, has already reached nearly 32,000 views with 4,696 likes.

In the video, a shirtless t.currie is shown riding passenger as his friend films him dunking on random hoops from the driver’s seat. The video is stated to have been filmed in Los Angeles.

The original challenge video has already been picked up by Bleacher Report‏ and other sport-centric media personalities like Alex Medina. Medina said about the likely trend, “Really hope the #drivebydunkchallenge stays fun and hilarious. hate that I’m worried it might take turn for the worse with wrong homeowner.”

Despite the worry, the fad is already catching on with Twitter and Instagram accounts posting their own versions of the #drivebydunkchallenge. Check them out below:

#DriveByDunkChallenge 😂

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1 Comment

Chris Christie's Belt

An off duty cop just pinned a 14 year old kid to the ground and put a gun to head for walking on his front lawn…

Got to watch bouncing balls off people’s houses and such. Down South you are asking to get shot.

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