WATCH: ‘Police Impersonator’ Attempts to Arrest Black Man in Houston

UPDATE 7/26/17 @ 12:45 p.m.: The officer in the video has been identified as a Harris County Precinct 1 Constable. Harris County, TX is the third most populous county in the United States with Houston as its county seat. According to CBS, Marlin Gipson, the man recording the video, has an outstanding misdemeanor assault warrant. Gipson was arrested later that day in his home after being tasered and having a dog sicced on him.

Original story below.

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Marlin Gipson and another African-American worker with D&M Lawn Care in the Houston, Texas area were harassed by a man dressed as a police officer that the Houston Police‏ Department claims is not one of theirs.

The incident happened while the men were doing lawn care and passing out cards for their business.

Gipson begins filming when a man dressed as a Houston police officer tells him to “step over here.”

Gipson tells the man dressed as a police officer why he was going door to door. The alleged officer then asks Gipson to see his ID, to which he replies he doesn’t have it on him. Gipson then turns the question around, asking the alleged police officer for a card.

The alleged officer hesitates and then tells Gipson to put his hands behind his back as he draws out a pair of handcuffs.

Gipson starts backing up and filming the alleged officer while his co-worker rushes to his aid.

Gipson repeatedly asks the alleged officer for a card. The video then cuts off.

After the video went viral, the Houston Police Department tweeted that the man was not with their department. Many people on Twitter began to ask the department if they were going to go after the man, possibly impersonating a cop, and attempting arrests.

Another person asked if they could run the license plate of the man’s vehicle.

However, Houston PD has yet to respond to any of these inquiries.

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