Jennifer Londono: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Twitter Jennifer Londono.

Police believe the dismembered body that turned up in two different locations in New York City is that of Jennifer Londono, a bar manager from New Jersey.

Although DNA tests are pending to make a firm identification, Londono’s mother told police that a tattoo on one of the body parts resembled a tattoo Londono had gotten as a tribute to her late aunt.

In an unusual move, New York police had released a photo of the tattoo in an effort to identify the person behind the body parts. That person is now believed to be Londono, who was reaching her dreams in the bar industry and was remembered for her sweet disposition.

On July 7, The New York Post reported that Londono’s boyfriend, Raphael Lolos, has been accused of the crime.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Londono Disappeared After Tending Bar in New Jersey

Jennifer Londono

Jennifer Londono.

Londono disappeared after tending bar in Englewood, New Jersey, where she managed the Luna Lounge, a new establishment that opened on June 8, according to The Englewood Daily Voice.

Patch reported that Londono had opened Luna Lounge herself, using her “life savings.”

The newspaper reported that Londono, 31, was known as a hard worker at the bar.

She disappeared on June 25, “after closing up the bar,” according to The Daily Voice.

2. A Torso & Legs Washed up in Different Places in New York City

TwitterJennifer Londono.

The grisly discovery occurred in two locations in New York City.

First, according to The New York Daily News, a “woman’s torso from the waist to her knees was found by a couple walking their dog in the Red Hook Channel off the coast of Brooklyn.”

The arms, legs below the knees, and head were removed, according to CBS.

A man who found the body part told The New York Post, “The woman wasn’t just murdered — she was butchered. This body was dismembered and the cuts looked clean, like it was chainsawed.”

Then came another horrific discovery.

A “woman jogging near the 79th St. Boat Basin on the Upper West Side spotted a partial leg and foot with pink-painted toenails,” the Daily News reported.

Police believe the body parts likely belong to the same woman, but they won’t know for sure until DNA tests come back, the newspaper reported.

3. Police Released a Photo of a Sanskrit Tattoo in an Effort to Identify the Remains

Police released photos of the Sanskrit tattoo on the torso in the hope someone would recognize it, and Londono’s mother did.

She told police her daughter had a similar tattoo and that the Sanskrit means “Lily” or “Lilyann” as a tribute to Londono’s late aunt.

The mother saw the tattoo photo on the news and told police it was her daughter’s, reported The Daily News, which added that the cause and death are pending.

The tattoo was located on Londono’s thigh.

4. A Dog May Have Alerted on Blood in Londono’s Boyfriend’s Bathtub, Reports Allege

FacebookJennifer Londono.

The New York Daily News reported that police allegedly found traces of Londono’s blood in her boyfriend’s bathtub.

The Daily Voice reported that the boyfriend is a 40-year-old New Jersey man.

“An NYPD dog trained to find evidence located possible traces of blood from a missing New Jersey woman in her boyfriend’s bathtub,” alleged The New York Daily News.

Police have questioned the boyfriend and found “inconsistencies” in his story, according to The New York Post.

No one has been arrested in connection with Londono’s apparent death.

5. Londono Was Remembered as a ‘Loving, Sweet’ Person

Marcela Toro, a friend of Londono’s, told The New York Post, “She was a loving, sweet person, she had no problems with anybody, she had a lot of friends. Everyone loved her, we still don’t understand why someone would do that to her.”

Those who cared about Londono in life are using the hashtag #justiceforjennylondono to ensure she is not forgotten.

A friend wrote on Instagram: “I didn’t want this to be true, and deep inside im hoping they tell me it was someone else and I’m still waiting. I’m never speechless but I still can’t get wrapped what was done to you. Nobody deserves what happens and specially you. I’m full of emotions and I’m sick to my stomach of how f*cked up people are. I hope you Rest In Peace jenny and you still owe me that drink 🍹 you will get justice baby girl RIP ‘my heart goes out to your family !! Descanse en paz 💔💔 la quiero mucho !!! Thank you for the laughs #justiceforjennylondoño.”