Jennifer Raven Nevin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The body of a 23-year-old mother was found on the side of the road in Alabama on July 17, and police have three people in custody in relation to her death.

Jennifer Raven Nevin, a mother of a 5-year-old boy, was found dead off of Watermelon Road and Phelps Road in Tuscaloosa, about 25 miles down a dirt road, reported.

Watermelon Road and Phelps Road in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Nevin’s family said she suffered from a history of depression and substance abuse, but a drug overdose wasn’t her cause of death, police say. Instead, foul play has been suspected from the beginning, and a major breakthrough in the case was made when police made the swift arrests of three suspects just one day after her body was found.

Here’s what you need to know about Nevin and the case:

1. Nevin’s Body Was Found by a Gas Station Worker

FacebookJennifer Raven Nevin

A gas station employee that was checking a gas well discovered Nevin’s body on the dirt road July 17.

No details about the events leading up to Nevin’s death or how she was killed have been released by authorities, but Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit Captain Gary Hood said July 18 that they continue to interview people in the case as they try to find out more.

“We developed some leads last night, worked on them all day today,” Hood said to media members. “We interviewed multiple people, several witnesses. We were able to develop a timeline and recreate the last days of Miss Nevin’s life.”

The reason authorities haven’t released many details into her death is because the investigation is still ongoing, Hood said.

“We’re still pursuing leads and looking for other subjects to interview,” he said.

The last time Nevin was seen was by her mother July 14 when she picked up her son, Joshua Snipes, in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa News reported.

2. Three Suspects Have Been Arrested in Her Death

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Police made a major break in the case July 18 when they arrested three people — including a teenager — in connection with the murder of Nevin.

Murder charges against Rashad Lewis, 23, Kendrick Ky’Andre Marshall, 16, and Vida Milagros Confetti, 20, were filed in Tuscaloosa County, Hood said.

There isn’t yet a motive behind her murder, but all three of the suspects had undergone extensive interviews and went through the booking process at the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

Bond for Lewis and Marshall was set at $150,000 while Confetti is being held on $100,000 bond.

3. Nevin Suffered From Mental Illness & Substance Abuse, Her Brother Claims

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Nevin’s brother, Will, gave more insight into the background on his sister. He told that the family grew up in Moundville, about 20 miles south of Tuscaloosa.

Will told the news outlet that Jennifer showed emotional issues when she was a preteen. Once that was discovered, he said a struggle with substance abuse followed, as she self-medicated to curb her depression.

“On her good days, she was beautiful and creative, she had a thousand questions about everything. She was smart,” Will said to the news outlet. “But she had her not good days, and this weekend was a string of them.”

Will said that for the most part, her mother watched over his nephew — Jennifer’s son.

While details surrounding her death have been scarce, Will made it sound as if her issues played a substantial role in her unexpected death.

“We had hoped that her story would have a better end, but we know she had her problems,” he said. “We tried and tried to get the help she needed, but we didn’t get it in time.”

4. Nevin’s Family Is Left Heartbroken After Her Death

FacebookJennifer Raven Nevin and her son.

Upon learning about her death, the Nevins have been left distraught. Her brother Will reiterated to that she tried to be a model character and had a lot to offer.

“I want people to know that what happened to her wasn’t her fault,” Will said to the news outlet. “She had so much to give to society and to people. It’s just a shame she’s not going to have that chance. It’s a shame that her son is not going to see her again.

“Over time, this horrible, horrible day will fade. And I’m going to try and remember those good times. We are always going to have my nephew to look after. He’s a reminder of the good things she did in this life.”

As he continues to search for answers, Will had a message to those who played a role in his sister’s murder.

“I’m going to be there when they drag you in that courtroom,” he said to WVUA. “And I am going to look you in the face, and wonder why you did that to my sister. Yes, she had her problems, but she did not deserve what happened to her. Nobody deserves that.”

PRIDE of Tuscaloosa Executive Director Derek Osborn said to WVUA that Nevin’s case could be a prime example of the people they’re looking to help. PRIDE of Tuscaloosa is a nonprofit organization that’s aimed at people looking to escape drug abuse.

“That’s the whole reason we are in existence,” Osborn said to the news outlet. “To prevent these kinds of things from happening, and to try to education and make the community aware of the danger of drugs.”

5. Nevin’s Facebook Says She Pursued an Associate’s Degree From a Community College

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According to her Facebook page, Nevin studied at Shelton State Community College to try and get an associates degree. Her relationship status is listed as “married,” though her brother said she wasn’t legally married. Instead, she and her boyfriend, Matt Snipes, considered themselves husband and wife. Jennifer owned her own home near the college and ran a residential cleaning service.

Friends and former acquaintances flooded Nevin’s Facebook page with memories and tributes.

One friend, Golden Virgo, said they met in Trinity Hospital, a treatment facility. She added that she became extremely emotional when she found out about her death.

We met an in that little time we comforted each other while we were roommates at Trinity hospital. I thought about u nearly 2 months ago and we never met up like we supposed to. When I heard your name on the news this morning I bursted out in tears. You were the sweetest person I’ve ever met and very outspoken. Rest well. Rest well.



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