REPORT: Jimmy Carter Collapses in Winnipeg Health Scare

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Getty Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Former President Jimmy Carter collapsed in Canada while working on a housing project but said he’s “OK,” according to media reports from that country.

President Carter collapsed after becoming dehydrated. “President Carter was dehydrated, working in the hot sun. President Carter told us he’s OK, and is being taken off site for observation. He encourages everyone to stay hydrated and keep building… he’s asked us to continue with our day,” said Jonathan Reckford, Habitat for Humanity CEO.

Carter was “getting medical attention after collapsing at a Habitat for Humanity building site in Winnipeg” on July 13, according to Metro News, a Canadian news site.

Carter is 92-years-old. He has appeared in good health recently, even being captured on video shaking hands with fellow passengers on an airplane. Carter was taken off-site for observation.

Carter was in Canada working on the homes with his wife, Rosalynn, and Metro news reports, he was given an IV and taken to the hospital.

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President Jimmy Carter.

Carter was “part of Habitat for Humanity’s project to build 150 homes in Canada for the country’s sesquicentennial,” Metro News reports. “Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, were working on a house. He had reportedly been outside for over an hour when he suffered dehydration.”

News of the Carter health scare broke before noon on July 13 and details were scarce at first.

This post will be updated as more is learned about the former president’s condition. He is not the only former president to be hospitalized recently. George H.W. Bush, who is also in his 90s, was also in the hospital recently, but he has since been released.

Carter is not the oldest living American president, although he’s close.

George H.W. Bush is 93 years old; he was born on June 12, 1924. He’s the oldest living president, just a few months older than Jimmy Carter. The other living presidents are obviously much younger than Bush and Carter. You can learn more about George H.W. Bush’s age and his health here:

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