Kristen Jennings: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kristen Jennings has been arrested in connection to the disappearance of her ex-boyfriend, Eric Torrez.

A Texas woman is suspected disappearance of her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, who went missing after she accused him of being abusive in a Facebook post and said she was “seriously done” with doing things “the legal way.”

Kristen Anne Dean Jennings, 28, of San Angelo, is being held on an unrelated burglary charge as police in Abilene continue to investigate what happened to her ex, Eric Torrez, police said. The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office said evidence indicates Torrez is the “victim of a homicide,” KTXS-TV reports. Jennings’ husband, Stephen Lynn Jennings, and father-in-law, Garry Lynn Jennings, were both also arrested. Stephen and Garry Jennings were both charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence with intent to impair.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jennings Wrote ‘No One Does Anything … Why Even Try So FYI Everyone Can Get Away With Beating’ Their Spouse, ‘Good To Know We Are Safe! Just Done Done Done!!!!!’

kristen jennings facebook

FacebookKristen Jennings wrote this Facebook post two days before her ex went missing.

Kristen Jennings vented about an abuse case she has sought against her ex-boyfriend, Eric Torrez, along with an ongoing child custody battle also involving him, in Facebook posts leading up to his disappearance.

Jennings claims in the posts that Torrez was abusive, and assaulted her in October. She also said that he is keeping their daughter away from him, and she was trying to get the girl back when he assaulted her.

“The abuse case with my ex that happened in October is coming up for trial on the 18th…. with that weighing on my mind and the possibility of getting my daughter back the suspense is killing me can’t sleep at night so sleep,” she wrote on July 12.

In a July 19 post, she wrote, “So of course they did not indite (sic) him and for the abuse it’s most likely going to be a misdemeanor, seriously done with the “legal” way of doing this!!!!”

She continued:

Why when seriously they do nothing you call cps tell them the threats, he refuses to let them see her, has to get court ordered to see her. AND THEY STILL SAW NOTHING WRONG! He beats me and impeached my breathing and slap on the wrist, didn’t even get arrested that night, try to get legal aid to help me fight for custody jerked around for months, and now I may have to re apply when I should have a answer are you kidding me, I don’t have that time think of my child!!!!

Jennings wrote, “How can one man get away with abuse 2 times (that I reposted anyways) get away with a misdemeanor take my child keep her make threats AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Why even try so FYI everyone can get away with beating there spouse! Good to know we are safe! Just done done done!!!!!”

kristen jennings texas facebook

FacebookAnother Facebook post written days before Jennings’ ex disappeared.

In an earlier post, on July 15, Jennings wrote appeared to have hopes of resolving the situation in her favor. You can read the post below, with names of her daughters redacted by Heavy:

Well got amazing news Friday….. that they feel pretty good about my abuse case and there is a even bigger possibility of me getting (daughter name) back!! Thank you Jesus, and they are also prosecuting over my stole phone (stole during the assault)…. but I need prayers right now! Unfortunately my body has been overwhelmed and under a lot of stress to the fact my whole body is killing me and I’m beginning to run and temp have flu like symptoms! I also need prayer over this whole situation because it’s so very delicate and my daughter is in danger with this scum bag of a man and honestly everything I tried, including just showing up trying to take her back! (Ie the assault) has done no good and cps has been no help!! I’m at my wits end and I know that when we take any matter in his name! And let his will be done it will be done! Thank you in advance for any and all prayers it is appreciated!! Please pray for my daughter (other daughter name) as well for this has all been a emotional roller coaster and long and drawn out!

Online court records in Tom Green County seen by Heavy show that there is an ongoing child custody case involving Jennings, whose maiden name is Kristen Dean, and Eric Torrez. The case involves Jennings’ two daughters, including one had with Torrez and another with an unkwnon father, and also involves the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, according to the records. Few details about the case were publicly available.

A “petition for protection” was filed by the Child Protective Services department against both Torrez, who is listed as “current whereabouts unknown,” and Jennings, who is listed as being in jail, and the unknown father, on July 27, 2017. The protection order was filed after Jennings’ arrest, and it appears the children have been taken into the custody of the child welfare agency.

A hearing in that case has been set for August 10.

2. Torrez’s Last Known Location Was Near Jennings’ San Angelo Home,
Police Say

kristen jennings

Kristen Jennings.

Jennings’ missing ex, Eric Vincent Torrez, 41, of Abilene, was last seen heading to Tom Green County for work on July 21, the sheriff’s office said in a press release. Torrez had received text messages on July 21 requesting he do some work in Tom Green County, according to the sheriff’s office.

His last known location was Duckworth Road in San Angelo about 1 p.m., near Jennings’ home, that day. The sheriff’s office said numerous people have been interviewed and search warrants have been executed, including on property where Jennings lived.

Eric torrez

Family photoEric Torrez.

“The Abilene Police Department was able to establish that Torrez’s last known location was on Duckworth Road in Tom Green County, a little after 1:00 p.m. on Friday. Tom Green County Sheriff’s Investigators began an investigation on Monday, July 24, 2017 and learned that Torrez’s ex-wife, Kristen Anne Jennings was living at 7481 Duckworth Road, in Tom Green County,” the sheriff’s office said.

Torrez’s truck, a 2008 Ford pickup, was found in the Ballinger Walmart parking lot by the Ballinger Police Department on July 27, the sheriff’s office said.

3. She Is Accused of Breaking Into Torrez’s Mother’s Home & Taking Her 4-Year-Old Daughter From Her With Force, Police Say

kristen jennings

Kristen Jennings.

Kristen Jennings is being held on charges related to her attempt to take her 4-year-old daughter back from Eric Torrez’s mother, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

The Abilene Police Department said Jennings went to the home of Torrez’s mother, “assaulted her and forcibly took a four year old child from the residence. Eric Torrez is the child’s father and Kristen Jennings is the child’s mother.”

Jennings was charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit another felony. She is not facing any charges at this time in connection to Torrez’s disappearance.

4. Kristen, a Stay-at-Home Mother, Has Been Married to Stephen Jennings Since 2015

Kristen Dean Jennings, a San Angelo native, has been married to Stephen Jennings since 2015, according to her Facebook page.

She lists her job as “mommy duties” at “Stay-at-home parent.” She has two daughters, one with Eric Torrez and one with an unknown father, according to court records. She also is pictured on her Facebook page with a young boy, but it is not clear if he is her son or if she is the boy’s stepmother.

Kristen and Stephen Jennings.

“A happy loving mom, and wife to one amazing family! In love with my Lord and savior!” she writes in her “intro” section of the page.

She wrote a post on July 6 about struggling to figure out what she was doing with her life:

You ever wake up and just think, what am I doing with myself? Well I did and it’s hard to swallow where I am today with my life….. I don’t feel I make a difference, I have no friends…. just those Facebook friends who wanna hang out but from a distance because no one takes out time to actually do it! Or even check up on you…. I don’t have a church family big enough to even have people or couples my age to hang out with…. and more then half of you won’t even take the time to read this, so why why try? I mean I’m a good person, big hearted which means carrying it on my sleeve for the majority of my life!!! But my question is how do you change it? What do you do to get out make friends and feel apart of something?

In another post that same day she wrote about love:

So I’m bored obviously and I looked up definitions of love, true love, and puppy love….. and honestly I don’t agree with most of the definitions. I think “puppy love” is the purest kind of love it’s love with no expectations and it’s raw with no hidden agenda of how to shape someone to fit for your husband or father of your kids , I don’t think there is a such thing as true love…. because true love can be different for each individual I mean true love isn’t just for someone who is happy in a relationship there can always be another out there that you have “true love” for someone that your not in a relationship with!!! and love of course is a deep affection but can be for any one i.e. Mom and dad and siblings….

According to court records, Kristen Jennings has been arrested three times in the past in Tom Green County.

In 2008, Jennings was charged with theft, a class B misdemeanor. The charge was eventually dismissed. In 2010 she was arrested twice, and charged with theft and criminal trespass. On the theft charge, Jennings was sentenced to 60 days in the county jail, along with 9 months of probation. She was discharged from probation in May 2011.

5. Kristen, Stephen & Garry Jennings All Remain in Custody at 3 Separate Jails While the Investigation Continues

kristen jennings, stephen jennings, stephen jennings mugshot

Stephen Jennings pictured in his mugshot and in a photo with his wife, Kristen.

Kristen Jennings, her husband, Stephen Lynn Jennings, and her stepfather, Garry Lynn Jennings, all remain in custody. They are being held at three separate jails, according to online records.

Kristen Jennings was arrested on July 26 by the Tom Green County Sheriff and booked into jail there. She was later moved to the Taylor County Jail, because the charge was brought by the Abilene Police Department. She is currently being held on $50,000 bail.

Stephen Jennings, 34, was also arrested by police in Tom Green County on July 26 and is being held at the jail there on $10,000 bail, records show.

kristen stephen jennings

Kristen and Stephen Jennings.

Garry Jennings, 60, of Glenn Heights, was arrested in Red Oak, Texas, on July 26. He is being held at the Ellis County Jail on $50,000 bail.

It is not clear when they are scheduled to appear in court. It is also not known if they have hired attorneys.

garry jennings texas

Garry Jennings.

The investigation into Torrez’s disappearance, and possible homicide, is continuing, the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

“At this time, Eric Torrez has not been located. Evidence collected at the residence of Jennings and information obtained through interviews and interrogations indicate Eric Torrez is the victim of a homicide,” the sheriff’s office said in the press release. “The Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office along with the Texas Ranger’s Service are committing all available resources into the investigation.

“Tom Green County Sheriff Jones is continuing to ask for the public’s assistance in locating Eric Torrez,” the press release said. “Anyone having any information that might be connected to Torrez’s disappearance or observed any suspicious activity is also requested to contact the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division at 325-655-8111.”




I hate that Facebook posts are used in the court of law. These people were not under oath when they wrote these things, and they should never be used as evidence.

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