WATCH: Naked Man Allegedly Chops Off Own Penis & Charges Chicago Police

Shocking video has surfaced showing a naked man in Chicago appearing high on drugs with his penis cut off running at police officers.

Shocking video shows a naked man covered in blood after reportedly cutting own penis angrily charging at Chicago Police officers.

The man, who hasn’t yet been identified by authorities, appears to be high on some kind of drug in the video clip, which was recorded July 24 in the Irving Park community near the intersection of Grace Street and Drake Avenue, the Daily Mail reported.

The man is noticeably covered in blood coming from his crotch area, and he starts shouting at the male recording the video through a metal fence. Additional puddles of blood are visible on the sidewalk in front of the home.

Chicago police didn’t comment on reports that the man had chopped off his penis to The New York Post.

The person who’s recording the video screams back at the man, urging him to “calm down” before noting that police were on scene. The suspect turns to the responding officers and immediately charges at them.

Watch the video below, but be warned that it contains disturbing content.

“Oh my God, bro, shoot his ass,” the man recording the video screams at officers. “Shoot that mother f****. This is a time when you shoot people.”

A female officer appears to draw her taser and orders the man to the ground before shooting and stunning him with it. The man falls and lays down on the ground for several seconds before standing up again when a police van arrives. He approaches the officer that just exited the van and is tased once again. The man falls face first to the ground, and the video ends.

In a statement to The Post, Chicago Police confirmed that the attempts to subdue the man were unsuccessful, adding that he was taken to a nearby hospital with “minor” injuries.

“Officers attempted to calm the individual with negative results and were ultimately forced to deploy tasers and dry stun techniques to secure the man,” the statement said.

A witness, Eriz Gonzalez, who was with the man recording the video, told The Sun that the man started an altercation on the street, which is near an elementary school. He also accused the man of breaking windows on a car.

I went to visit my boy after work, and when I parked up I seen (the naked man, who was still clothed) rolling around in the middle of the street. People were around him and he started cussing him out and pushing them. They left, and he stripped but ass naked in the middle of the street.

I left my car and chilled with my boy outside to see whats going on. Mind you, this is literally across the street from an elementary school, which kids were present. He went to random peoples’ houses, broke their windows and started hitting and bashing windows of a randomly parked car, naked of course.

We stayed out to see if he was going to bash ours, however he started to come towards us. We closed and locked the gate, and at that point the police came.