Net Neutrality Day of Action: How to Participate & Comment on the FCC Website

FCC Home Page Here is how to leave a comment about net neutrality with the FCC.

One of the biggest things that you can do to participate in today’s Net Neutrality Day of Action is to leave a comment with the FCC showing your support for Net Neutrality. Find out exactly how to do that and other ways you can participate below.

How to Leave a Comment with the FCC

You can leave a comment by filling out a form on Battle for the Net here to send a letter to the FCC and Congress to show your support for Net Neutrality. If the FCC’s comment page goes down like it did after John Oliver asked people to go and comment in May, then Battle for the Net will save the messages and make sure they are posted when the page is working again.

If you want to visit the FCC directly to leave a comment, first go to the filings page for the proposal (labeled Docket 17-108, Restoring Internet Freedom) here. Then click on the +Express link at the top left corner of the page. (In the screenshot below, it’s on the bottom left, but this screenshot is just the top part of the webpage.)


Next, enter your name, address, email, and other information. In the “Brief Comments” box, post your comments, and click “Continue to review screen” at the bottom. Review what you’ve written and hit “submit.”

You’re done!

If the link to where you leave a comments doesn’t work for any reason, then start out by going to the FCC Electronic Filing System homepage here. In the “Specify Proceeding” box, type “17-108” and click on “Restoring Internet Freedom” from the dropdown menu that will show up as you type. Then click “Search” and the page where you can leave a comment will show up.

Other Actions You Can Take

In addition to sending a letter, you can also display an alert on your homepage to educate visitors about net neutrality. Some of these include a “spinning wheel of death” and a “blocked” or an “upgrade” alert. To try out an alert, click here. Then grab the javascript code you need to embed on the header of your site here. WordPress users can use this plug-in and Cloudflare users can use the BattlefortheNet app.

You also show your support by installing a banner ad on your website or blog. Just choose your banner from here.

You can also make things really simple and send the word out on social media today, showing your support. Here’s a Google doc with suggested copy and graphics, including social media profile pictures and graphics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There’s also a list of sample Facebook posts and tweets. You can also change your avatar to a loading sign.

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