Oakland Four-Alarm Fire: Photos & Videos from the Scene

A massive fire overtook a luxury condominium construction project in Oakland just before dawn July 7.

The blaze engulfed a mixed-use construction project that stood seven stories tall, SFGate.com reported. Firefighters have since gotten the blaze under control and continue to use caution as they try to keep it from lighting any nearby buildings on fire. There’s been no word yet of any injuries.

The fire erupted at around 6:30 a.m. EDT nearby Valdez and 23rd streets, northwest of Lake Merritt. Huge flames could be seen in the air and massive clouds of smoke could be seen from miles away from the scene. It’s currently unknown how the fire started and authorities continue to investigate.

A witness told SFGate.com that she was sitting inside of her car on her way to work when she noticed the fire starting next door to her.

“I called my husband and I said, ‘I saw the fire start, you have to be careful and get ready to get out,’” Mout Khamphou said to the news outlet. “He called me and said, ‘Oh honey, the fire started getting worse,’ and he asked where my passport and papers are. Our apartment won’t be safe anymore. I was crying a lot, I worried.”

A number of streets nearby were closed as a precaution as debris from the building was seen falling down to the ground below it.

Another witness told the East Bay Times/Bay Area News Group that she heard a loud boom outside of her apartment window and noticed “separate fires” starting.

“It sounded like more fireworks in Oakland to be honest, but the boom was lower and deeper,” Rebecca Stills said to the news outlet.” You could feel the radiant hear, it was just insane. You could see the glow off the buildings. It was wild.”

Here are some photos and videos from the horrific fire:

Incredible Images of the Massive Fire Show the Depth of the Flames

The Fire Could Be Seen From Miles Away

It Continued to Spiral out of Control Near Apartment Buildings

Residents at Apartment Buildings Nearby Were Evacuated

Videos Show the Fire Under Control


Ash From the Fire Was Located on the Other Side of Town

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