WATCH: Woman Attacks Car Full of Kids With Hammer

An angry ex-wife took out her frustrations on her former husband while he sat in his SUV with their children. The video is in Spanish but was filmed in Paterson, New Jersey. The video was picked up by Univision, which said that the children in the video are 3 and 5.

“This is very sad, right?” said the woman’s cousin, who asked to remain anonymous. “This is not right. I don’t know why this happened.” The woman also told reporters that the couple is Dominican.

The video begins with audio of children crying. The man then films his wife open up the back door to the children and grab a hammer from the backseat. The woman then proceeds to attack the Range Rover at every angle, smashing windows and rear view mirrors.

After she is done with her destruction, the woman grabs her children and places them in her car.

The man and woman continue to exchange Spanish with the man adding, “You’re going to rot in prison, you heard?”

It is currently unclear if charges have been filed on the woman. According to the Daily Mail, the woman attacked her ex’s car out jealousy.

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