PHOTOS: Woman’s Eyebrows Take Over Trump’s Press Conference

Woman's eyebrows


A woman standing behind President Donald Trump during his press conference on health care is getting a lot of attention on the internet today. However, the woman isn’t getting attention for something she said or something she did. Instead, social media has been busy talking about this woman’s eyebrows.

The press conference took place just after 3:00 p.m. Eastern from the Blue Room at the White House. However, not long after President trump started speaking, people noticed the woman standing behind him. Her eyebrows, which appear to be drawn on, sparked a Twitter frenzy and started trending. Within minutes, she became an internet meme.

According to The Mirror, the families standing behind President Trump were introduced to the public as people who have been “‘hurt’ by President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement.”

Take a look at some of the Twitter reactions below.

Unsurprisingly, social media users started to poke fun at the woman, suggesting that she lost her eyebrows due to Obamacare. Others even questioned if the woman’s eyebrows would be considered “pre-existing.” Given the fact that Trump’s speech was about health care,

Take a look at some of those tweets below.

Someone even took it upon themselves to edit a photo of the woman, fixing her eyebrows.

The woman, who has not yet been identified by the media, isn’t the only one getting the Twitter treatment. The man standing next to her, believed to be her husband, has also caused a social media stir; many Twitter users think that he looks like Paul Ryan. Several have been saying that he looks like a younger version of the Speaker of the House. Others say that the doppelgänger looks like a version of Ryan from the 90s.

Twitter just couldn’t get over the combination of the woman (whom many are now referring to as simply “eyebrows”) and the guy who looks like Ryan.

You can see some of those posts below.

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