READ: Anthony Scaramucci Posted an Odd Tweet About Cocaine

Getty White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci speaks on a morning television show, from the north lawn of the White House on July 26, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Ousted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has resurfaced on Twitter to tweet an odd comment about, of all things, cocaine.

The Scaramucci “cocaine tweet” is confusing a lot of people because he doesn’t make it very clear in the post what he was talking about, although a subsequent post implies, without saying directly, that he was referring to his brother’s substance abuse issues, which he has written openly about in the past.

“We take the subject of cocaine and its use very seriously in my family. This is worth a listen,” the post, which appeared on August 7, read.

Altogether, it’s a strange choice for a topic coming so soon on the heels of his controversial, and very brief, tenure working for Donald Trump.

Scaramucci then linked to a podcast page that, currently, lists four podcasts from 2016, the titles of which do not mention cocaine. That’s confused people who aren’t clear what point he was trying to make about the drug. The Scaramucci podcast page is entitled, “The Motivation Inside.”

Some on Twitter allege that Scaramucci posted a podcast about cocaine and then deleted it 20 minutes later.

The four 2016 podcasts still up are titled, “Brilliant Execution (with private equity investor Wilbur Ross)”; “Remaining Fair and Balanced (with Time Inc. Chief Content Officer Alan Murray)”; “The Big Picture (with Barry Ritholtz)”; and “Hopping Over the Rabbit Hole,” which was an episode about Scaramucci’s book and how entrepreneurs can turn failures into successes.

An hour after the cocaine tweet, in a separate post, Scaramucci wrote, “Discussing Addiction and Recovery with My Brother – Anthony Scaramucci – Medium,” and linked to a 2016 column he wrote on his brother’s substance abuse issues.

“If you’re struggling with addiction and refuse to address it, there are only three ways it will end — you’ll ‘sober up, get covered up or locked up.’ That’s according to my brother David Scaramucci, who has battled drug and alcohol addiction since college,” the motivational piece starts. You can read it in full here.

The old article says that David Scaramucci had joined Anthony Scaramucci on his podcast to discuss addiction issues. However, the podcast that goes with the Medium story is also deleted.

All of this opened the door to Twitter mocking, jokes, and simple confusion (and more than 700 retweets). Some entered into wild speculation about what Scaramucci meant. Others said he should have understood his words could be perceived in different ways. Others brought up Scaramucci’s bizarre telephone call with a reporter in which he called top White House officials names.




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