WATCH: Asian Group Damages Yellowstone National Park Thermal Feature & Harasses Park Tour Guide

A group of Asian tourists from Thailand was videotaped walking on a thermal feature near the Firehole River in Yellowstone. They then harassed the park tour guide who tried to stop them.

The video was shared on YouTube by a “Jeff H.” and had been viewed nearly 400,000 times before being deleted. However, a copy is available above. According to a summary of the original video from YouTube, the incident occurred on July 27 near the Fairy Falls trailhead.

In the video, a large group of Asian tourists can be seen milling around a thermal feature beyond a sign warning people not to trespass. The person filming the group, believed to be Jeff, says off-camera, “What the heck. Hey! Get out of there.”

Some of the group disperses, but a few stick around to take more photos.

One little boy continually pokes the water around the thermal feature while an older woman near him seems preoccupied taking a selfie.

When the woman exits the thermal vent, Jeff tells her to get out of there and it’s illegal to go there.

“Why?” the woman laughs. “I’m Thai!” She then laughs some more. However, some viewers have claimed that the woman says that she is “shy,” not “Thai.” Regardless, Thai viewers of the video have stated that the people are indeed speaking Thai.

A younger man then rushes up to Jeff and says in broken English. “You take a photo of me? Why?” He then instructs Jeff to delete the video.

Jeff and his South American guests continue to walk on but the tour guide is later confronted again by the other tourists, according to text later in the video.

Police were called on the trespassers.

Thai people on social media have apologized for the group’s actions.

Yellowstone has nearly 10,000 thermal features, including the famous Old Faithful. The areas are notoriously ecologically sensitive. However, it’s not just Asian tourists who have been caught trespassing the areas. Last year, three Canadians, Charles Ryker Gamble, Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh and Justis Cooper Price-Brown, plead guilty to disorderly conduct by creating a hazardous condition and foot travel in a thermal area when they were filmed stomping on the Grand Prismatic Spring, reports

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That video can be viewed above.

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