Charina Fort & Andre Jackson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

charina fort, andre jackson

Little Rock police Charina Fort (l) and Andre Jackson.

One man is in custody and the other being sought by police in the Little Rock, Arkansas murder of Italian tourist Carlo Marigliano.

Police say they’ve arrested Andre Jackson and are seeking Charina Fort (sometimes known as Charina Jackson) in connection with the tourist’s shooting death, which has made headlines back in Italy.

Jackson was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service on August 4 at a Super 7 Hotel, reported THV11.

Family members told KATV-TV that Marigliano was murdered after he broke off from a tour group to explore Little Rock by himself.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Tourist Was Shot to Death After Setting Out to Explore Little Rock

Marigliano, the Italian tourist, was discovered shot to death in a car outside a Little Rock apartment building on July 28. Police have not released many other details about the circumstances of his death.

Marigliano’s family members told KATV-TV that he was married and the father of two children. Marigliano “was on vacation in Little Rock from Italy and spoke limited English. He was traveling with an Italian tour group when he decided to break away and explore the city alone,” the family told the television station.

The tourist was shot “while driving a rental car” and then crashed into the side of the apartment complex, according to KATV.

2. Police Said They Didn’t Think the Crime Was Random but Were Tight-Lipped Otherwise

Although much still has not been publicly released in the case, including the motive, police indicated they don’t think it’s a random crime.

Police Officer Steve Moore told Arkansas Matters,” At this time it’s still early in the investigation however we do not believe this victim was selected randomly or a victim of a random crime. We can’t go into a lot of detail you know just so we don’t jeopardize the investigation.”

3. Marigliano ‘Loved America’ & Considered Moving There

Reporter Matt Mershon spoke with Marigliano’s father, Ciro. “Ciro, father of Italian tourist Carlo Marigliano who was murdered in LR over the weekend, said he loved America. Contemplated moving to US,” he wrote on Twitter.

Marigliano’s father traveled to Little Rock after the murder. Family member Gianni Sulmonte told KATV, “The whole family needs to know what happened, why did this happen. This should never have happened.”

4. Marigliano Was in Little Rock on a Vacation That Started Out West

Reporter Charmaine Nero spoke with a friend of Marigliano’s. “Friend of 31-year-old Carlo Marigliano say he was in LR on vacation from Italy when he was killed. Father is traveling here,” she wrote on Twitter.

Family members told Arkansas Matters that Marigliano “came to America to visit friends who live in The States. They said he had been visiting friends on the west coast and was planning to meet his wife and children in Miami next week for a summer family vacation.” It’s not clear why he decided to make a detour to Little Rock.

5. The Case Made the Front Pages in Italy

It’s no secret that Europeans are rather shocked by the degree of American gun crime, and the death of the Italian tourist in Arkansas made the front pages in his home country.

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