WATCH: ‘Thief’ Caught by Construction Workers Taped & Tied to Scaffolding

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A young man caught “messing” with a construction worker’s truck in Charlotte, North Carolina was taped and tied to building scaffolding until police arrived. The entire scene was caught on camera by Tina Quizon, who happened to come across the incident in the Uptown area of the city.

The video begins with a construction worker telling the man, “You shouldn’t have broken into my stuff, yo.”

“I wasn’t in it! I was just checking it out,” the tied-up young man explains.

The construction workers continue to tie the alleged thief to the scaffolding as they reassure Quizon that they have called the police.

They then inform the young man what charges he will probably face, as one construction says that he found his wallet and rolling papers on him. “You lucky we didn’t beat you down,” he adds.

According to Fox KTVU, police arrived to arrest the tied up man a few minutes later.

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