WATCH: NRA’s Dana Loesch ‘Fisk’ The New York Times Video

dana loesch video

NRA TV screenshot Dana Loesch in the video.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch posted a video in which she promised to “fisk” the New York Times.

“We’re coming for you,” she says in the video, posted to Twitter. “We’re going to laser-focus on your so-called ‘honest pursuit of truth.’ In short, we’re coming for you,” Loesch continues in the video. “Consider this a shot across your proverbial bow.”

You can watch the video here:

The video has now sparked a row online as Loesch demanded apologies after a New York Times reporter and others wrote that she had said the word “fist” instead “fisk.”

Confusing matters, the NRA video contained a hashtag that mentioned the word “fist.” “@DLoesch has a message for the @nytimes: “We’re coming for you.” One non-#fakenews story is not enough. #NRA #ClenchedFistofTruth,” the tweet with the video read.

Loesch has now been subjected to a stream of vile sexualized comments online that reference the word “fist.”

The Times’ Adam Goldman wrote on Twitter that he had deleted a retweet of the video that mentioned the word “fist.” Loesch has lit into Goldman on Twitter. In one post, she wrote, “Why did @adamgoldmanNYT lie that I didn’t say “fisk” in my NYT ad? Because he has an axe to grind.”

Also in the middle of the controversy: The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel and New York Magazine’s Yashar Ali. Loesch tagged them, along with Goldman, in a series of retweets of vile messages she received about fisting.

Ali also wrote on Twitter, “Nice – Literally everyone on here thinks you said ‘fist’ and the NRA tweet says #ClenchedFistOfTruth – This is my fault somehow?” Loesch had directed a message at him that read, “Not at all what I said, you hack. I said “fisk.” Nice that you didn’t even ask me about this before launching your despicable smear.” He deleted the underlying tweet.

According to Twitchy, Ali, “who fought with Dana on Twitter over ‘fist’ vs ‘fisk,’ finally decided it was Fisk when he found a version with closed captions.” The closed caption said that Loesch used the word “fisk.”

Weigel responded by accusing Loesch of releasing a “dumb video.”

Others pointed out the word “fisk” had been used before.

In case you’re curious, “fisk” means “To criticize and refute (a published article or argument), especially in point-by-point or line-by-line fashion on a blog. … To fisk an article or argument,” according to Your

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