Harvey Live Radar: Watch Doppler & Radar Streams Here

Tropical Storm Harvey, once known as Hurricane Harvey, is already a historic storm, leaving devastating, catastrophic damage in its wake. Houston is one of the cities most affected by the storm, which is moving very slowly across Texas.

Harvey was the nation’s first major hurricane to make landfall in nearly 12 years, but now it’s breaking even more records and by now, everyone just wants it to dissipate and go away. But it’s hard to predict what this storm is going to next.

Above, you can see a live stream showing a live feed of Harvey’s radar, total rainfall, and Buffalo Bayou, provided by t3dwork. If the feed goes down, check his channel for a new one.

Below are other local news feeds reporting live on Harvey’s location and projected path. Because of the unpredictability of the storm and power outages, some of these streams may go down. Check their YouTube channels for new streams, and we will update these posts periodically with new streams.

Radar & Doppler Feeds

KHOU has been live streaming through the storm, while keeping a live radar in the bottom corner.

This feed is showing live satellite images of Harvey from the NASA Goes 16 satellite, with the latest images continually added to the stream.

Other Local & National Live News Feeds

And next we will be sharing streams from local and national news coverage about Harvey.

Here’s a live stream from Fox 26, the local Houston station:

And live coverage from CBS News:

Fox News Live: