WATCH: Hillary Clinton Calls Trump a ‘Creep’ in Book Excerpt


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shake hands after the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 9, 2016.

In her new book, Hillary Clinton says President Donald Trump made her “skin crawl” and referred to him as a “creep.”

The book, titled “What Happened,” is set to be released September 12. But before that, Clinton and the book’s publishers gave a preview of what’s inside when they released an except to NBC News.

In the excerpt, Clinton speaks about a presidential debate she and Trump had October 9 on the campus of Hofstra University. The debate came just days after a tape was released that had an audio recording of Trump bragging to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about grabbing women “by the p***y”.”

“It was the second presidential debate and Donald Trump was looming behind me,” she said. “Two days before, the world heard him brag about groping women, now we were on a small stage and no matter where I walked, he followed me closely. Staring at me, making faces. It was incredibly uncomfortable. He was literally breathing down my neck … my skin crawled.”

Clinton said at that point, she weighed her options of what to do next.

“Do you stay calm, keep smiling and carry on as if he weren’t repeatedly invading your personal space? Or do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, ‘Back up you creep, get away from me. I know you love to intimidate women, but you can’t intimidate me, so back up,” she says. “I chose option A, I kept my cool — aided by a lifetime of dealing with difficult men trying to throw me off.

“I did, however, grip the microphone extra hard. I wonder, though, whether I should have chosen option B, it certainly would have been better TV. Maybe I’ve over-learned the lesson of staying calm, biting my tongue, digging my fingernails into a clenched fist, smiling all the while, determined to present a composed face to the world.”

Listen to Clinton reading the excerpt in the video below:

Prior to that second debate, Trump tried to go on the offensive and change the subject from the damning Access Hollywood audio. He held a press conference with three women who accused Bill Clinton of having inappropriate sexual behavior.

During the debate, Trump refused to say that he would accept the results of the November 8 election, claiming the political process is rigged against him. In addition to that claim, he accused the FBI and the media of conspiring to back Clinton.

Clinton called Trump’s answer to a question from debate moderator Chris Wallace about the peaceful transfer of power as “horrifying,” accusing him of “talking down our democracy.

Clinton continuously labeled Trump as a dangerous candidate and referred to him as a “puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Watch the full debate in the video below.


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I really felt sorry for Hillary. She had to run against such a repugnant personality. But her error was that she didn’t take her opponent seriously, especially during the debates. I mean, who could blame her? But she had to at least appear as if Trump was making any argument worthy of rebuttal. The race to the Presidency was Aesop’s tortoise and the hare.


TRUMPATHY: the instigation of sympathy for an allegation of faux news (for inclusion in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM(DM)-FIVE.ONE, of the American Psychiatric Association/ APA)
In addition to Trump FAILING to sue CNN months ago, for CNN’s refusal to air Trump’s “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT (the which, Trump would surely LOSE, as he could be easily shown to be promoting a violation of the CONSTITUTIONALLY SANCTIONED Security of the Person of Americans!)”, he has also F-A-I-L-E-D to legally challenge an alleged “victim” at, h-t-t-p://www(dot)huffingtonpost(dot)com/lisa-bloom/why-the-new-child-rape-ca_b_10619944(dot)html, who has alleged that PHEWTUS is GUILTY of C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E!… and to sue the “FAUX NEWSERS” which have “falsly reported” the said C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E TALE! Thus, how can one– of G-O-O-D C-O-N-S-C-I-E-N-C-E!– trust a wanna-be Prez who screams “FAUX NEWS”, “FAUX NEWS”, “FAUX NEWS”!… and, who’d sue his neighbor’s housecat if given the chance!… but, would “clam up” tighter than a Contestant’s crotch on a segment of his The Apprentice, when challenged on his F-A-I-L-U-R-E to go after the I-L-L-E-G-A-L-I-T-Y O-F A C-L-A-I-M O-F C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E!! The reason, is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR!… T-H-E C-L-A-I-M I-S L-E-G-I-T!… A-N-D T-H-E R-E-M-O-V-E-D J-A-M-E-S C-O-M-E-Y, T-R-U-M-P– A-N-D T-R-U-M-P-‘-S “W-I-F-E”!– K-N-O-W I-T!
Christgopher, If the allegation of C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E re PHEWTUS is C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L and T-O-R-T-I-O-U-S!… and, proffered by a “FAUX VICTIM”* and “FAUX MEDIA”!… then will you– as the new FBI Director (who’s been Nominated by a Prez who was in a C-L-E-A-R CONFLICT OF INTEREST when making the Appointment/ Nomination!)!– be going after this “FAUX VICTIM”, for proffering C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L A-N-D T-O-R-T-I-O-U-S C-L-A-I-M-S O-F C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E? And, will you be going after the FAUX MEDIA for proffering C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L A-N-D T-O-R-T-I-O-U-S “N-E-W-S” O-F C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E? Christgopher A. Wray, will you uphold your D-U-T-Y to protect America’s children, and their families? Otherwise!… it’s hard to rationalize why the FBI would leave the alleged Trump victim “HIGH AND DRY (e.g., she withdrew her filing on Nov 4, 2016, due to said fears for her life!… stated her counsel!)”!… and CONVERSELY, would fail to go after this FAUX VICTIM for C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-L-Y A-N-D T-O-R-T-I-O-U-S-L-Y giving false testimony re an allegation of C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E on the one hand, and, would fail to go after FAUX NEWESERS for reporting C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E on the other! And, how does that absence of FBI D-U-T-Y even make sense? And, why would one believe– should one believe!– that the FBI is S-O-O-O-O I-N-C-O-M-P-E-T-E-N-T that it would either fail to protect a victim of C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E (F-O-R W-H-I-C-H, T-H-E-R-E C-A-N B-E N-O M-O-R-A-T-O-R-I-U-M!)!… or fail to go after A FAKE VICTIM who has alleged such a claim, and fail to go after FAUX NEWSERS which have reported same! A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! And in Huffington Post’s report of Trump’s C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E charges, there was SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE for a judge to ratify the sending of the matter to a court for adjudication by Dec 28, 2016! And, so!… if the victim was P-A-I-D O-F-F (I.E., I-F H-U-S-H M-O-N-E-Y W-A-S O-F-F-E-R-E-D U-P A-N-D R-E-C-E-I-V-E-D!), T-H-E-N T-H-E V-I-C-T-I-M A-N-D D-O-N-A-L-D T-R-U-M-P S-H-O-U-L-D B-E C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-L-Y C-H-A-R-G-E-D! The victim, for R-E-C-E-I-V-I-N-G A B-R-I-B-E!… and he, for O-F-F-E-R-I-N-G A B-R-I-B-E, and for C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E!
Lastly… Christgopher, will you be going after PHEWTUS for releasing Classified Information to the Russians, when they paid a visit to the White House earlier this year? And Christgopher, will you be seeking to ensure that the 750 people who were let go by Putin (and who could have provided HARD EVIDENCE re Trump-Putin COLLUSION during the 2016 U.S. Federal Election!)… and, by way of your Global Security contacts!… ensure the health and safety of those who are now VULNERABLE PUTIN TARGETS? Thanks!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!
P.S.: Given the VERACITY of the allegation of C-H-I-L-D R-A-P-E/ C-H-I-L-D A-B-U-S-E!… and Comey’s ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of this!… should Comey’s KNOWLEDGE soon pose an “indirect threat” to “certain” White House interests (e.g., if Comey decides to accept the offer from Julian Assange to act as a WikiLeaks Spy, re U.S. Government wrongdoing!), I’d be VERY CONCERNED about the safety and security of James Comey! Although!… maybe!… Julian Assange may feel that Comey would be “better protected” if he “befriends” the WikiLeaks League! And so, Christgopher Wray!… will you ensure the safety of James Comey should Comey decide to “spill the beans” on PHEWTUS?
*The Federal Stalking Statute (see, Federal Stalking Statute, 18 U.S.C. §2261A) makes it a F-E-L-O-N-Y for someone to use any interactive computer service, or electronic communication service or system (by the FBI, CIA, NSA, the Media, or FAUX VICTIM!) with the intent to kill, injure, HARASS, INTIMIDATE, or place under surveillance (through an official and/ or an unofficial proxy!) another person… and engage in a course of conduct that places a person in reasonable fear of death, or serious bodily injury, OR CAUSES, ATTEMPTS TO CAUSE, OR WOULD REASONABLY BE EXPECTED TO CAUSE SUBSTANTIAL EMOTIONAL DISTRESS (but, let us include, THE POTENTIAL COMPROMISE OF A U.S. FEDERAL ELECTION PROCESS!)! And so… if the “FAUX VICTIM” and/ or “FAUX MEDIA” have F-E-L-O-N-I-O-U-S-L-Y used said interactive computer services, or electronic communication services or systems with the intent to kill, injure, HARASS, INTIMIDATE, or place under surveillance (through an official and/ or un unofficial proxy!) DONALD TRUMP (a.k.a., PHEWTUS!)… and engage in a course of conduct that places DONALD TRUMP (a.k.a., PHEWTUS!) in reasonable fear of death, or serious bodily injury, OR CAUSES, ATTEMPTS TO CAUSE, OR WOULD REASONABLE BE EXPECTED TO CAUSE SUBSTANTIAL EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, then its incumbant upon the FBI (AND ANY OTHER DUTY BOUND INVESTIGATIVE BODY!) to end such a breach of the Federal Stalking Law!

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