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Can You Look at a Solar Eclipse Through Your Phone, how to take a picture of a solar eclipse with an iphone

Getty One of many total solar eclipse enthusiasts gathering in Madras, Oregon and staying in organized campgrounds, the rural central and eastern part of Oregon is hosting dozens of festivals to help manage the crowds a million visitors are expected to the region for Monday August 21, 2017.

Today is the Solar Eclipse of 2017 and you’ve probably heard that looking at the eclipse without the proper safety eyewear can result in eye damage. And, for those who are hoping to capture the moment on your cell phone, this can also be dangerous. However, taking a photo of the eclipse is not impossible. One must just be careful.

The Atlantic-Journal Constitution reports some advice on how to be safe, but also be effective when you take photos of the eclipse.

Whether you are taking a selfie or a regular photo, it is recommended that you limit selfies to the totality period of the eclipse if you are in the path of totality. Keeping your photo-taking brief is safest and will also allow you to take in the sight first-hand. Also, be sure to keep your safety glasses on your eyes at all times. During the partial phases is actually more dangerous than during the moments of totality.

If you are planning on taking a selfie, AJC says the eclipse will probably appear very small in that case. So, wider views of the sky are recommended as well, along with timelapse or video shots. And, to help you have better photos, you could try downloading advanced camera apps like ProCamera.

According to guidelines from NASA, solar filters must be attached to the front of any optics, including camera lenses. However, this does not necessarily apply to GoPros and smartphones. And, USA Today states that iPhone lenses and cameras should not be damaged during the eclipse. However, Optometrist Kelly O’Shea has told WKYT that it’s wise to pick up a mini telephoto lens for your cellphone just in case. O’Shea explains that:

A cell phone camera is just a digitized image of the projection that is gone through the camera, so you are not going to burn yourself by looking at that image.

So, for some cell phones, there may be issues or damages that occur when trying to take pics of the eclipse. But, it sounds like iPhones should definitely be okay.

Again, remember to wear your safety glasses at all times when viewing the eclipse.

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