Hurricane Harvey: All the Memes You Need to See


Hurricane Harvey has caused mass destruction off of Texas’ coastline. In the wake of this worrisome situation, however, the internet has seen fit to take Hurricane Harvey and provide some comic relief relief through a series of memes.

Of course, these memes are referencing the damage that Hurricane Harvey has inflicted on Texas or its residents, but rather the shared moniker of the hurricane with television host and comedian Steve Harvey. Once this connection was made, there was no turning back, and the meme machine has been in overdrive releasing a series of Hurricane (Steve) Harvey jokes.

“Breaking News,” wrote one Twitter user, “Hurricane Steve Harvey is making its way towards the Corpus Christi area. Evacuate NOW!!!” with a photo of Harvey’s face on a map of the hurricane.

Others users referenced Harvey’s infamous mistake during the Miss Universe pageant in 2015, where he mistakenly announced Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez, as Miss Universe, before coming back on stage and correcting his error.

The Family Feud host then came back on stage and corrected the error as stunned contestants and audiences looked on. “Maybe hurricane harvey will pull a steve harvey. he read out Texas but..oh wait..sorry, gave him the wrong card. Louisiana this ones for you,” wrote one user.

Others also pointed out how the name “Harvey” doesn’t quite fit the potential damage that the hurricane might cause. “Would b more intimated by Hurricane Harvey if Hurricane Harvey didn’t sound like the name Steve Harvey’s friends call him when he’s hammered,” wrote one user, while another added “If I die in Hurricane #Harvey, please petition to fulfill my final wish of renaming it Hurricane Steve Harvey.”

Harvey eventually responded to his likeness being used for the hurricane meme, tweeting an eye roll emoji with the message “Those #HurricaneHarvey impersonator memes… Stay safe & track the real storm.”

Some users even managed to usurp the Steve Harvey puns, and reference the 1950 comedy classic Harvey starring James Stewart. In the film, Stewart has an imaginary friend who’s a six-foot-tall rabbit and whose name is Harvey.

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