James Alex Fields, Jr. : 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Albermale County Jail

James Alex Fields Jr booking photo

James Alex Fields was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder, after police discovered that the car that rammed into the Charlottesville rally was registered in his name. A 32-year-old woman named Heather Heyer died at the scene, and 19 additional people were injured from the crash. Nine patients are still in the hospital as of Monday, but they are in good condition. An additional two people died in a helicopter crash connected to the events.

Fields, 20, was raised by a single mom, after his dad was killed by a drunk driver shortly after he was born. His mother had called 911 twice in the past, telling officers that he had beaten her, AP reported. But when he was pulled over by police in May, he showed no signs of aggression. He was working as a security officer and was on vacation time while attending the rally. A high school teacher said that Fields had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was on medication.

The suspect is in jail, and was denied bond in an arraignment on Monday.

This is a developing story.

1. James Alex Fields, Jr., a Security Officer, Was Booked on Suspicion of Second-Degree Murder and Other Charges

James Alex Fields, Jr. was booked and charged with one count of second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, failure to stop for an accident involving a death, and hit-and-run, Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail Superintendent Martin Kumer told The Washington Post. Fields was born in Kenton, Kentucky.

The car that rammed into the crowd in Charlottesville was registered in his name. The car was a gray 2010 Dodge Challenger. Early rumors had pointed to a different man after Internet detectives tracked down the license plate. But that man, who won’t be named, said he had sold his gray 2010 Challenger. Those early rumors turned out to be unfounded.

According to Cincinnati.com, the Challenger was purchased by its latest owner in June 2015 in Florence, Kentucky, from Kerry Toyota. One month later the title was updated in Maumee. The vehicle was not stolen.

Fields does not appear to have a previous criminal history. He last lived in Maumee, Ohio, about 15 miles southwest of Toledo. He was working as a security officer for Securitas Security Services USA and was on previously requested vacation time when the crash occurred. Securitas said in a brief statement that he has since been fired.

Fields worked for Securitas from May 5, 2016 to July 5, 2016 and then from November 23, 2016 to Monday, when he was fired. He had a security officer license from Ohio and “performed his duties satisfactorily.”

Fields was denied bond when he was arraigned Monday in the Charlottesville General District Court. The public defenders office said they couldn’t represent him because of a conflict of interest: someone in the office was related to a person injured in the crash, Richmond.com reported. The judge assigned Charles Weber, a local attorney, to the case. Fields appeared in the courtroom via a video monitor.

According to witnesses, counter protesters were hit as they turned a corner during their protest march. They were chanting things like “our streets” in response to the words “Unite the Right.” This happened after police had dispersed a group of white nationalists, CBS reported.

Here is one video from the scene. WARNING: This video may be disturbing.

Here’s another video from the scene.

WARNING: This video is graphic and shows the moment the driver hit the crowd.

James Fields was briefly on active duty status with the Army, but only from August 18, 2015 to December 11, 2015. His mother had posted on Facebook about her son going to boot camp and being really happy about it. An Army spokesman told CNN that Fields didn’t meet the training standards and was never awarded a military occupational skill or assigned a unit outside of basic training.

A new video has emerged showing Fields, in the same car, being pulled over by cops in May. At the time he showed no aggression:

2. James Fields’ Mom Had Called 911 in the Past, Saying He Beat Her

911 transcripts show that Fields’ mom, Samantha Bloom, had called 911 twice in the past, saying that he beat her and threatened her with a knife, AP reported. Florence Police Department records said a call was made in 2011. She said her son was holding a 12-inch knife. An earlier call from 2010 showed Bloom saying the Fields had smacked her head and locked her in a bathroom. He did this because she told him to stop playing video games, she said in the call. She said in the call that he was taking medication to control his temper.

Derek Weimer, a high school teacher of Fields’, said that Fields was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been on anti-psychotic medication, Richmond.com reported.

After she learned about the crash, Bloom said that she only knew he was going to the rally but nothing else. You can see her interview with AP in the video above. The Toledo Blade talked with Bloom, as did AP. She said that Fields had texted her on Friday saying he dropped his cat off at her apartment and was going to an “alt-right” rally in Virginia.

She said she told her son:  “I told him to be careful. [And] if they’re going to rally to make sure he’s doing it peacefully.” She said he didn’t say anything about the rally possibly being extremist and she had no idea he was involved when she returned home from dinner on Saturday night. She really didn’t know what the alt-right rally meant, only to think that it had “something” to do with Trump. “Trump’s not a white supremacist,” she said.

She told the Associated Press in the interview:

I just knew he was going to a rally. I mean, I try to stay out of his political views. You know, we don’t, you know, I don’t really get too involved, I moved him out to his own apartment, so we — I’m watching his cat.”

He had only moved out of her apartment about five or six months ago, she said, after they moved to northwest Ohio from Kentucky for her job.

In August 2015, Bloom had updated her Facebook account to show a photo of her and her son, and wrote about how happy she was that he had just left for boot camp. Military records under Fields’ name indicated that he only lasted in boot camp a few months.

Meanwhile, an uncle, under the condition of anonymity, told The Washington Post that Fields’ mom had raised Fields alone as a single mom after his dad died. She’s a paraplegic, his uncle said.

Fields’ father was killed by a drunk driver just a few months after he was born, an uncle told The Washington Post. His father left Fields money that his uncle had kept in a trust until Fields was 18.

When he turned 18, he demanded his money, and that was the last I had any contact with him.”

The uncle said Fields wasn’t very friendly and was mostly subdued.

I’m not going to slam my nephew or anybody in my family without knowing what the h— happened.”

Fields’ aunt, Pam Fields, agreed. She told The New York Times he was a “very quiet little boy,” and she’d only seen him about five times in the last 10 years.

A neighbor of Fields’ growing up told The New York Times that he was quiet and had some trouble making friends in school. The neighbor said that his mom was always trying to do the best for him. (Read more about Fields’ family in Heavy’s story here.)


The video below shows a press conference from the day of crash, with a statement from Gov. Terry McAuliffe:

On the same day that this occurred, a deadly helicopter crash also happened in Charlottesville, leaving two dead. The Virginia state police helicopter crashed just hours after the crowd was hit. This brought the death total for the day to three in Charlottesville. Read more about the helicopter crash in Heavy’s story below:

3. The Charlottesville Police Chief Said the Crash Was ‘Premeditated’

A Facebook photo of James Fields, Jr. is being widely circulated. His Facebook account has since been taken down:

In a press conference, the Charlottesville Police Chief, Al Thomas, said the crash was premeditated.

Witnesses referred to the crash as a “deliberate act of terrorism.” Others said the car appeared to deliberately mow down pedestrians.

Taylor Lorenz, a reporter for The Hill, said that every witness she interviewed at the police station believed the act was deliberate. She spoke with two officers who said it might not have been intentional, but she later clarified that those officer hadn’t been on the scene.

Earlier, Lorenz had said that an officer (who was not at the scene) had told her they thought he was scared and not malicious. She later took down the tweet, but here’s what it said:


Lorenz had taken a video of the crash, but her stream was cut off when someone punched her in the face, she said:

4. Some Officials Are Urging the Case Be Investigated as Domestic Terrorism, as News Develops that Fields Had Radical Views and a Fondness for Hitler

As more research is done into Fields, more evidence is emerging to indicate extremist views that he held. CNN reported that Derek Weimer, a social studies teacher at Randall K. Cooper High School, said Fields had radical beliefs when he taught him as a junior and senior in high school. Weimer told CNN:

It was quite clear he had some really extreme views and maybe a little bit of anger behind them. Feeling, what’s the word I’m looking for, oppressed or persecuted. He really bought into this white supremacist thing. He was very big into Nazism. He really had a fondness for Adolf Hitler.”

He built a rapport with Fields and was able to discuss sensitive topics without Fields’ getting angry. He said he tried to take every opportunity to distance Fields from those beliefs.

One of Fields’ former classmates, Keegan McGrath, told AP that Fields had said he went on a school trip to Germany because he wanted to “get to the Fatherland.” They were roommates on the trip in 2015. McGrath said he went home early, unable to handle rooming with Fields. Before that, Fields had been acting normally and never did anything unusual, McGrath said. But on the trip, Fields refused to visit France or interact with the French because he referred to the French as “being lower than us and inferior to us,” McGrath said. When McGrath challenged him, things grew heated between the two, he said. He added the Fields was never an outcast at school and had friends.

Some officials and politicians are urging that the case be investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted on the evening of the crash that the Department of Justice should “immediately investigate and prosecute this grotesque act of domestic terrorism.”

Here’s his full statement:

Cruz’s statement came after President Donald Trump was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for speaking about violence on “many sides” rather than calling out the incident as domestic terrorism. (Read more about this in Heavy’s story here.)

The FBI has since announced that it’s opening a civil rights investigation into the car crash:

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement that the DOJ is fully supporting a federal investigation by the FBI.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe had declared a state of emergency in the city because of violence that was breaking out between protesters and counter protesters. In fact, a group of white nationalists had just been dispersed shortly before the car rammed into the counter protesters who were carrying LBTQ flags and Black Lives Matters signs.

This disturbing photo below shows the moment the car hit the crowd:

Here’s another photo from the scene:

5. Fields Registered as a Republican in Ohio in 2016 and May Have Had a Controversial Facebook Account

GettyThe car that allegedly plowed through a crowd of protestors marching through a downtown shopping district is seen after the vehicle was stopped by police several blocks away.

The Daily Beast reported that Fields was a registered Republican, according to public records. He was registered to vote in Lucas County, Ohio and made his registration on January 23, 2016. He had been cited for expired license plates in May 2017.

The following is an unverified Snapchat screenshot that shows a man being arrested near a car that looks like the one from Charlottesville:

While Fields is being investigated, a Facebook accounted has started gaining a lot of attention. The name of the account is Conscious Ovis Aries, but its URL is Facebook.com/Jamies.Fields.9279. The page, however, has been taken down and we can only rely on archived pages to get a glimpse at what was on the Facebook profile. BuzzFeed and New York Daily News have reported on the page, believing it may belong to James Alex Fields, and BuzzFeed shared a number of photos from the page with detailed explanations here.

It’s important to point out that at this time, it is not confirmed whether this page belongs to James Fields. Heavy reached out to a few of James’ friends and family to see. The profile does link to some friends in Kentucky, which is where James Field was originally from, and it references him visiting a location in Ohio, where he later moved to.

Here are some of the photos from that Facebook page that have been gathering attention. You can see an archived version of the page here.

The page was archived in Russian, but it doesn’t appear that was its original language:


Some of his photos included a baby picture of Hitler and a Pepe the Frog, along with a photo standing in front of a car that is similar but not identical to the one from the crash.


Another photo from the page:

And more photos, once again, not archived in English:


And a couple other photos from the archives of the page:

Facebook Archive

Once again, it’s not known for certain if these pages belonged to the same Fields or not. However, at one point Fields’ mother was friends with Conscious Ovis Aries on Facebook, which lends more credence to the theory. To learn more about the Nazi references and white supremacy symbology on the page, see Heavy’s story here.

Meanwhile, New York Daily News reported that they photographed Fields on the front lines of the rally at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, part of the Vanguard America hate group.

Alt-right demonstrators were protesting the city’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. (Read more about what exactly was being protested in Heavy’s story here.)

Before the crash, some of the white nationalist protesters had already been dispersed. They had been removed by law enforcement officials earlier in the day, before the crash occurred. Some are now saying they will sue. (Note: It’s those who were protesting the statue’s removal who are threatening to sue, not the counter protesters.)

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information is available.


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Andrew Anglin

For crying out loud! Where is the due process? Maybe his foot got stuck on the gas pedal!


In forward and in reverse? That’s some bad luck. But how did his hand get stuck throwing the car from forward into reverse? That’s some kind of AWESOME BAD KARMA…

Josh Isalto

Trump supporter: check, white-supremacist: check, lived with mom in the basement: check idiot incapable of passing army boot camp: check Vote supporters still in denial: aplenty


White trash Trumpkin full of hate.Life or the death penalty. Make America Great Again .

Josh Davis

I’ve used Heavy to source information before and have found it to be somewhat neutral and reliable but this time someone seems to be going out of their way to make this fu*ker out to be an ultra-right-wing psychotic loon.

Lee Carey

I checked your facebook page and, as I guessed by your comment, you’re an ultra-right-wing L0SER just like Fields. FYI- calling The Heavy not neutral or reliable because they’re reporting the facts is typical of your type. Oh, and there are plenty of places online where you can find Fields marching with and holding the shield w/insignia with one of the worst white supremacist/ “ultra-right-wing” groups that exists. So, no, it’s not The Heavy’s writers that are wrong or the jerks in this scenario. Take a look in the mirror for who really is.

vrajavala (@vrajavala)

right. jump the shark as fast as you can. I find it somewhat disturbing that the Police Chief announced it was “premeditated.”
Yeah, the false flag was “premeditated” by George Soros.
I have heard different accounts, that the kid was being pelted with rocks and so drove erratically.


To hell with the person that died and all those injured. What’s really important is whether or not he’s a Republican or Democrat. That’s really all that matters to folks these days, right? At these ignorant posts.

Razors edge

Looks like the right is getting fed up with the violence of the left.I don’t see why the protesters are upset they made the fu%@ rules.

Lee Carey

You’re as bad as Alex Fields. You are equating protesters who are marching and (horror!) yelling with a racist P.O.S. who viciously attacked dozens and murdered one because he doesn’t like their politics. Oh, and those leftie radicals who made the rules? They’re called our Founding Fathers and they believed in the right to protest and peacefully assemble without being attacked or killed by either the govt or right wing crazies who want to take away such rights. Get your history right. Our Founding Fathers were radical because they were LIBERALS!


Fun fact. VA is an open carry state but it is actually illegal for private citizens to carry strikes shields so these murderers were violating the law before they even got moving


The counter protestors also had first amendment rights, which were violated by the fascist group.


Antifa are fascist and are the most likely source and instigators of the violence. . They should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization as well as BLM


stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition


I think he’s referring to antifas forcible suppression of views they don’t agree with such as at u berkley and other places.


Let’s be clear.
1. Students at UVA and residents of Charlottesville decided they were tired of having confederate generals all around the campus of UVA and after a democratic process determined to have them moved somewhere else.
2. Neofascist groups including the Klan and other idiotic hate groups managed to argue to the ACLU that argued that they deserved a voice in the process of removing statues from land that does not belong to them and where they do not live. Counter protests were organized by local residents and clergy and permitted by the city but in a separate area.
3. The So called protestors had a candlelight rally in which they chanted Nazi slogans and ran around in torches. Then they took it upon themselves to leave their permitted route and roam around UVA’s campus in the middle of the night. Counter protests had alread
4. The next day they armed themselves with plastic shields baseball bats and started fights not with the counterprotesters but with random residents and passersby. Then they went to the area sanctioned for the counter-protest
5. After their event was terminated by the city one of their members decided to get in his car and run over people.

It’s not a question of “hatred on many sides”


Yo, Skippy… “hatred on many sides”….he was referring to everything going on around the country, numbnuts. Not just this one event.


Your timeline isn’t correct. Please keep working to improve it. Some improvements – The rally inside the park was shut down at 11:30am, which led to the confrontations between protesters and counter-protesters as the police pushed the racists into the areas held by counter-protesters. This was before the tragedy happened.


Stop Magnifying his name. He doesn’t deserve to be remembered. Why don’t you find out about the victims innocent people whom he murdered while they where exercising their rights as citizens.


Most of the people yelling their condemnation of this event are the same people who have remained silent over the years as Black Lies Matter inspired terrorists have gunned down cops, AntiFa thugs have rioted, and assaulted people across the country, and have tried to shift the blame for the attack on the republican congressmen in Virginia recently. The left NEVER apologizes or condemns radicals on their side, but ALWAYS demand and expect apologies, and condemnation from the other side.


First off you sound like a child screaming, “But they did it too!”
Second, you’re generalizing. I have seen many people condemn hateful acts from people claiming to be liberals. You see what you want to see and your comment makes it pretty clear that you only want to see what makes your point.
I will always condemn violence no matter the side, but judging by your comment…your loyalty lies with the bigots.

Anonymoose Mouse

No Sarah, he’s making a valid point. When news first broke of this I remembered the Dallas shootings when Micah Xavier Johnson killed five police officers who had been patrolling a Black Lives Matter march. He was also motivated by racial hatred, but it quickly left the news. There are many other less severe incidents with Antifa or BLM that are simply ignored. And also, in practically every argument I’ve had with a Leftist they immediately shout out “well so-and-so Republican or Conservative did this.” So take your bigot accusations elsewhere.


It seems to me that anyone making blanket claims that Republicans or Conservatives are bigots, is in fact a bigot for falsely treating Rep/Conservatives with hatred and intolerance.


I standby my statement. There has been a upswing in hate crimes recently. I don’t see see all of them widely covered, only small new sites cover them. It’s not a race thing. National news stations will go to what gives them ratings. The Ferguson riots was shown repeatedly. When that idiot shot those officers I saw it continuously covered on the news. It was condemned nationwide, even by the president. So like I said, you see what you want. If you have hate in your heart you’re going to look at the world and see it like a bigot. If you guys are offended that I said someone’s loyalty lies with bigotry than maybe you should examine yourself. You can call me whatever you want. God has claimed me as his own and I will always rise above others pettiness and anger


I don’t even know where to start. BLM was not gunning down cops, nor condoning people who did. All they were doing is showing up at town hall meetings and shouting at people. That is pretty much the definition of free speech, and it is protected in the Constitution.

Antifa is not “rioting”, they were protesting against Nazis. And yes, you are supposed to protest against Nazis. America fought a war against them, because their ideology was the worst evil the world has seen in the last 100 years. I am not sure how you missed it, it was in all the papers.

And if you are such a delicate snowflake that you expect the government to apologize for discriminating against fascists, then I suggest you hold your breath. Bigots are not a protected class, and I can discriminate against them all I want. And no, I don’t ever have to apologize for it.


If this is the correct suspect, I wonder what is going through his head right now, knowing that his irresponsible actions resulted in the loss of a young person’s life. I wonder if he is thinking about the loss of his own father to vehicular homicide perpetrated by an irresponsible drunk driver. His young father was killed and now he has killed, both acts hugely irresponsible. Maybe with time he can heal what must be some deep dark wound. I pray for his soul that such can be. I am sure deep down inside he is remorseful, and feeling very frightened about what he has done. I hope he is allowed to grieve and ask forgiveness to the families of the people injured and the young woman lost. Then maybe a lesson can be learned. He is not a monster.


Are you f-in kidding me?! “He is not a Monster?!”
He accellerated into a group of people he hates. Intentionally. Monsters kill and maim intentionally.


What I find very sad here is that people on both sides are forgetting that you can never erase history. We are all know that. Our history as a country has had its ups and downs but we have to remember where we have been so that we don;t repeat it. The people on both sides need to dealt with and they should have been arrested long before this was ever a loud to get this far out of hand. The political left in this country has been doing everything they can to get people fired up over things we really have no reason to get fired up over. This country is heading down a road we have driven down once before and 600,000 lost their lives because of it. We need to remember that. This is the beginning troubled times in America and it is being sparked but the left and we all know this . It is time that not just 1000 people rally 100000 people rally and tell the world we are not going to stand for this any more. It is time that we put the black lived matter and other racial groups on notice that you will pay dearly if you continue down the road you are on. I am tired about hearing about how disadvantaged black people are or how the gay movement in this country is so damn important. Look you mindless morons let me explain something to you that I hope will clear this up. For one all people in this country white black iI don’t all have a chance to succeed . It is the choices that you make in life that determine that not the color of your skin. Second to the LGBQ morons out there. There are two genders in the Human race A man and a women. Look that is it period. That is fn science people . You saying you are women in a mans body means nothing other then you can not function in society so you make up your own. Last though here is that way more blood shed is coming and neither side is going to win because believe it science and biology win out every time.


You do realize that if every body was gay then that would be the end of the human race.. Just sayin… Pretty funny how the government took God out of schools out of government buildings that our country starts falling to pieces… United States was founded by Christian men with Christian principals… But then we twisted religion to protect and encourage other insignificant so called religions… Take God out of things this is what you get.. Just sayin


You do realize that if every time a couple of people who just wanted to have sex had a baaaayyyyybbbbbbeeeeeee instead, earth would soon run out of its natural resources and we’d all go the way of the dodo bird. Once upon a time it was really important for people to have lots and lots of future farmers, and Catholics. Now, not so much. And, since there is very little chance of the entire human race becoming LGBT or Q, then your Chicken Little theory on “no humans” is pretty trite, to say the least.


Actually, the United States WASN’T founded by Christian Men, and Christian principals. There’s a reason why in the first amendment under the establishment clauses it states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. This essentially means NO STATE SPONSORED religion. This country has no official religion. It was not founded on Christian principals. This was put into the constitution specifically to break away from England and their state sponsored religion which is Anglicanism which is an offshoot of Christianity practiced by the Church of England. The United States of America is not a theocratic society. The head of its government is not a religious figure. If you want to live in a society where the rule of law is religion, I hear countries in the middle east are nice this time of year.

Stop trying to force your religious views on those who do not share them, nor wish to be indoctrinated into that system.

Jack Gordon

Would that the MSM had paid half as much attention to the leftist thugs in both BLM and Antifa who practiced extreme violence across America in 2015 and 2016. If they had, perhaps their cries of outrage over this incident wouldn’t sound so hollow, so hypocritical. It is the Left that has tolerated this kind of thing too long and the Left’s enablers in government, “entertainment,” and media (McAuliffe, Obama, Lynch, Michael Moore, Kathy Griffin, etc.) who have encouraged violence as a legitimate political tactic. It never is, but you’d not know that from listening to leftists.

Mike Akerman

Terrible tragedy but, in all the chaos everyone from both sides still pull together to help. Despite peoples differences we all Americans


Leave the historical statues. What the hell is wrong with you people ? Can’t you find something more productive and positive to invest the taxpayers time and money on ??? Just starting **** in society.


Leave the historical society. What the hell is wrong with you people ? Can’t you find something more productive and positive to invest the taxpayers time and money on ??? Just starting **** in society.


No. This is exactly what is wrong with those statues. They are symbols of hatred, treason, and slavery. They need to be torn down, ground up into stone, and used to pave the streets.


They are NOT symbols of hatred, treason and bigotry. Those statues were erected because Southern families were forbidden from searching for the bodies of their lost kinsmen after the war. Northern families were not. To this day if bones are found on a Civil War battlefield it’s a 95% chance they are from a Confederate soldier who was left to rot on the field where he died.

Those statues are the only tombstone those men would ever get. To a people for who family is all important, those statues are important.

This modern interpretation of the meaning behind these statues, indeed the meaning of the war, is meant to serve modern political reasons. Thanks to historian Eric Foner, who admitted in one of his books that he wanted to change the interpretation of the war to help the Civil Rights movement ( Right motive but WRONG thing to do) , we now have otherwise good people like yourself telling other people who weren’t bothering anyone and that you never met that they are evil and everything about their family and history is evil just because they don’t agree with you politically. Or haven’t you read the now infamous Politico story calling for an actual “cultural genocide ” of the South?

And you expect them to just sit there and take it?

But even worse, after all the effort we Southerners have put into getting the Klan to crawl back under a rock until they die out, folks like you come along and stir them up! Taking down those statues and sicking Antifas on Southern towns is the best recruitment tool the Klan has…STOP HELPING THEM, STUPID!

While we’re at it, there are a few other things I would like you to stop doing.

Stop saying the War was “over freeing the slaves”; it wasn’t. If it was then Lincoln, in his inaugural speech wouldn’t have endorsed the Corwin amendment, which would have made slavery an explicit Constitutional right and invalidated every antislavery law in the North. And if the South really had gone to war to preserve slavery, they could have won without firing a shot by accepting the Corwin amendment, which they turned down flat. The sad truth is slavery only became an issue in the third year of the war, and then only as an effort to prevent England and France from recognizing the South as an independent country. It’s the same reason Jefferson Davis began exploring emancipation near the end of the war – diplomacy. Both Billy Yank and Johnny Reb out in the field didn’t care one way or another about slavery.

Stop saying the North wasn’t racist. I live 50 miles from a river that the war criminal William Tecumsah Sherman crossed in his “March to the Sea”. As about 100 freed slaves crossed the temporary bridge he built while following his army, they began destroying the bridge, and 50 slaves drown in that river as a result. The survivors said Sherman’s men laughed as Black men, women and children drown. Don’t you DARE tell me how the North wasn’t racist or that they went to war to free slaves from their bondage. Not with the “Black laws” that threatened imprisonment if a Black person was found to be in the state more than 10 days. Not when New Jersey continued to allow slavery until 1861. Not when Boston was still having bussing riots 10 years after Little Rock and Birmingham.

And don’t tell me how Lincoln was a “great” President. He suspended Constitutional rights, threatened a Supreme Court Justice with prison because he didn’t like a ruling, used the army to arrest political opponents, and to threaten voters into voting for his reelection, and order his generals to attack civilian targets in direct violation of every law of warfare the Western world had at that time. And, as bad as that was, he did all of this to set up a mercantile economy based on Political patronage, that was the forerunner of our modern corporate welfare system. Read his campaign speeches; he only threatened war if the South refused to pay its taxes. Read the editorials in Northern newspapers, before Lincoln shut them down if they opposed him, which argued that the reason for stoping the spread of slavery to new states was because “slave states” voted for low taxes and tariffs where “industrial states” voted for protectionist taxes and tariffs and stopping the spread of slavery meant the government would win its battle for higher taxes. Read Charles Dickens’ account of the Emancipation Proclamation. Dickens was an abolitionist, no friend of the South, and he thought to EP was “specious humbug”.

Stop believing every stereotype about the South. People here aren’t any stupider than people in the North, or Midwest, or West. In fact there are more colleges and Universities in the South than in the Northeast and Midwest combined. Stop acting like Southerners are backwards, because stereotyping is actually an example of backwards thinking, which is hypocritical of you. Stop telling people how to think, how to believe or how to vote. Mind your own business.

That bastard that drove the car into a crowd deserves everything the law will put him through, just like Dylan Roof deserves. In fact they deserve worse.

But make no mistake, its attitudes like yours that brings these people out. It’s like putting sugar in the middle of the floor and wondering why you have cockroaches. Stop trying to enforce your interpretation of things on other people who see the world differently and have different experiences.

You and those Klansmen and neoNazis are just alike. And you’re making my life harder.


Please, do yourself a favor and take a legitimate U.S. history course so you do not embarrass yourself by writing such nonsensical drivel and pretending it is “historical fact.” That crap you posted couldn’t pass a Fourth Grade history exam. You include every silly Lost Cause lie in the book.


I AM a historian by academic training. And I can back every word with documented and peer reviewed evidence. Go take the coursework yourself. YOU don’t know what you’re talking about.


If you’re a historian, then you also know that the Confederacy was NEVER a part of the Union. As such, all the Confederate statues should be removed from public parks. Taxpayers should never have been charged for them, nor should they be taxed for their maintenance. They do not belong in the USA.


Dude, you change the subject more than a hyperactive 4-year old. Here is the thing: When the Allied powers defeated Nazi Germany, the United States gave them eight months to remove every single Nazi statue in the country. We didn’t give a crap whether they stood for heritage, or unburied dead or anything else. They were symbols of hatred and they had to go. And go they did.


First, he is not Military, he didn’t even get past boot camp, did you read the article or just skim through it so you could spew nonsense? Second, if not for the American Military you would be speaking German, Russian, Chinese, or you probably wouldn’t even exist. The freedom that you have sitting in mommy’s basement and typing crap on the internet was given to you by men and women who served in the Military, try saying thank you every once in a while.

Markey Farrell

how sensitive and inclusive of you to use the extremely derogatory remark of ‘retarded’. shame on you. that you are a hater of military is another pathology.


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