Jerry Travone: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jerry Travone, Jerry Travone Donald Trump, Donald Trump eclipse meme

Jerry Travone/YouTube Jerry Travone, whose eclipse meme was retweeted by President Donald Trump.

On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump retweeted a meme showing himself “eclipsing” President Barack Obama with the text “The Best Eclipse Ever!” The meme was originally posted by Jerry Travone, a Trump fan with over 12,900 followers.

Travone, a wrestling fan, calls himself a “YouTube Actor and Political Junkie” in his bio. “Proud Trump supporter and pushback against liberalism. God Bless America.”

Outside of Twitter, Travone has a much smaller following. His Instagram page has 177 followers. Although he has 4,900 YouTube subscribers, many of his recent videos have less than 200 views.

Here’s what you need to know about Travone and his views.

1. Travone’s Eclipse Meme Is the Opposite of an Obama Meme Shared By Obama Supporters

Travone’s eclipse meme shows Trump covering up Trump’s predecessor with the text “The Best Eclipse Ever.” This was the opposite version of a popular meme from August 21, which shows Obama blocking out Trump. That meme read, “The only eclipse we want to see.”

The eclipse memes came during the Great American Eclipse of 2017, which was the first solar eclipse since 1918 that was visible across the entire contiguous U.S. Trump himself got a look at the eclipse in Washington, but first looked at the sun without the necessary eclipse glasses.

Trump retweeted Travone’s meme in between his complaints about House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the “fake news.”

Some have pointed out that the meme doesn’t understand how eclipses really work. It shows Obama as the sun (the object at the center of the Solar System) and Trump as the moon (the small, lifeless object that orbits the earth). Eclipses are also only temporary and last a few hours at most. The Great American Solar Eclipse’s time of complete totality, when the moon covered the entire sun, was less than three minutes.

2. Travone Wrote There’s ‘Enough of These Jews Where I Live… Someone Else Take Them’

On August 20, Travone tweeted “We have enough of these jews where I live lol someone else take them . They just can’t drive.”

The tweet included a link to a Sky News report that one in six British Jews feel unwelcome and one in three are concealing their Judaism because of fears of anti-Semitism.

The link was shared by Paul Joseph Watson, the editor-at-large of InfoWars. “Note how they fail to identify the primary reason behind this,” Watson wrote.

3. Travone’s Latest YouTube Video Is Called ‘Kapernick Can Lick My Balls!’

Travone, who says on Twitter that he lives in New Jersey, posts videos of himself on YouTube, where he goes on for 10 to 20 minutes about current events. The videos are all filmed while he’s driving. Many of the videos include coarse language.

His latest video is called “Kapernick can lick my balls!” The title, which misspells the last name of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, also includes an emoji middle finger and four angry emojis. Last season, Kaepernick famously protested the National Anthem and has yet to be signed by a new NFL team.

“So Kaepernick, you want to get hired? Shut your f***ing mouth,” Travone says. He says that when Kaepernick didn’t stand for the flag on September 11, “you don’t only spit in the face of the people that died fighting for this country, you spit in the face of those… the innocents that died in 9/11. You are a f***ing horrible person.”

Travone says he doesn’t buy the idea that Kaepernick is being shut out of the NFL because he’s black since many NFL players are black.

4. He Also Defended Trump’s Use of Twitter, Saying it Helps the President Deliver an ‘Unfiltered Message’

In a 21-minute video posted in June, Travone defended Trump’s use of Twitter. He said he understands that Trump is the president and he should be too busy to tweet. But, “He’s giving the people an unfiltered message and you know how the mainstream media will take something you say and only put out the middle part or completely distort your message to benefit their narrative.”

An earlier video in June was his reaction to Trump pulling the U.S. out of the U.N. Paris Climate Accords. “Mmmm liberal tears tasty,” Travone added in the title. In the video, he thanked Trump for keeping his promises.

In a May video, he claimed a person was suing him for “offensive Tweets.” He said he didn’t share this man’s real name or address on Twitter at all. Travone doesn’t mention who the person is, but he repeatedly tells his viewers that they know who he is.

5. Travone Is a Wrestling Fan & Appeared in the Show GTS Wrestling

Travone is a wrestling fan and dedicated to gym workouts. He appeared on GTS Wrestling, which he quit in August 2015.

Although the majority of Travone’s recent YouTube videos are political, he still posts videos about going to the gym. In May, he posted a trailer for a show called The Doctor, where he and other GTS alumni talked about their experiences.

The link in Travone’s Twitter profile originally went to his page on Pro Wrestling Tees. Now, the link redirects to the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago. Travone confirmed that his site was hacked.