Katelyn Rust: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aleigha Mason Katelyn Rust video

Twitter A screengrab of Katelyn Rust in the infamous video.

A coed in Ohio is catching heat online after she targeted a video at her ex-saying it was “weird” that he was now dating a black girl. Ohio State University’s Katelyn Rust has come forward to apologize for the video. The clip first appeared on the night of August 20. It was posted on Twitter by Aleigha Mason. Mason was “the black girl” at the target of Rust’s racist rant.

The OSU student said, “F*** yourself you’re hooking up with a black girl, that’s weird. Weird as f***, f*** you.”

Here’s what you need to know about Katelyn Rust:

1. Rust Says She Was Just Hurt About her Former Boyfriend & She’s Not a Racist

Katelyn Rust iNSTagram twitter page

VSCOKatelyn Rust pictured on her VSCO page.

In a statement to OSU’ student newspaper The Lantern, Rust apologized for her actions. The student explained that she was merely hurt after seeing her ex-boyfriend dancing with another woman. Rust added that her comments had nothing to do with racism. The release read in full:

First and foremost racism is wrong. I, in no way, think that anyone is less of a person than anyone else because of their skin color, nationality, religion, sexual preference or otherwise and sincerely apologize for all the words in this twitter video.

I have personally apologized to the young woman who posted this video and explained that my weird reference had nothing to do with her skin color. I was quite simply very hurt, and angry with an ex-boyfriend and jealous of her. Nothing more.

Again, I say in the strongest possible terms that racism is despicable and I apologize for any hurt or pain this tweet caused this young woman or anyone else. I sincerely ask for forgiveness from this young women (sic), the OSU student body, faculty and alumni family.

2. Rust’s Sorority Is Looking Into the Video

Rust is a member of the OSU chapter Pi Beta Phi. The sorority said in a tweet, “Pi Phi is taking this very seriously, and we are currently working through our member accountability process.” While OSU’s Undergraduate Student Government Vice President Sophie Chang, “This type of behavior & rhetoric is unacceptable. Ohio State is home to so many & should not be made to feel any less due to skin color.”

According to the Lantern, Rust is a second-year student at OSU.

3. Rust Was a Volleyball Star in High Schools Winning a ‘String of District Titles’

Katelyn Rust VSCO Page


Rust attended The Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. While there, Rust was a star on the school’s Shamrocks volleyball team. During her career, Rust won a “string of district titles,” reported Columbus’ This Week News.

4. Mason Thinks it’s ‘Crazy’ that Racism Still Exists at Ohio State University

Aleigha Mason Twitter page

Aleigha Mason pictured on her Twitter page.

Mason has said that she thought it was “crazy” that racism is still ongoing at OSU. The Miami University student was commenting on her own video. Mason added that she couldn’t believe her skin color was “weird.”

Mason would go on to remove the video. She tweeted her reasons saying it is “Not because I feel bad or because I’m afraid because at the end of the day she is a human too even though she thinks I am less than that.

Never let anyone judge you because of your race, Never. We shouldn’t act as if my tweet never existed, this happens everywhere and there is NO excuse. Let this be a lesson to all.”

According to her Facebook page, Mason attended Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell, Ohio.

5. Since the Video Was Uploaded, Rust Has Gone Dark on Social Media

kaTELYN Rust osu racist video


Since Rust’s video went viral, she has gone dark on social media. Rust appears to have deleted her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You can view a cached version of her Twitter page here.

Mason’s Twitter page has also gone dark following the spread of the Rust video online.