Michael Fazio: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Michael Fazio/Facebook Michael Fazio with Donald Trump in July 2016.

President Donald Trump was at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey on August 9 during his “working” vacation, and had the time to pose with Michael Fazio. The 42-year-old Fazio is the CEO of Prime Staffing, a New York-based staffing firm.

Fazio is a self-made executive and has an Instagram page littered with photos of him with celebrities. He has photos with Shark Tank‘s Kevin O’Leary, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. He’s also met Trump several times in the past.

Here’s what you need to know about the man Trump posed with on August 9.

1. Fazio’s Trump Photo-Op Was Set Up By Real Estate Institute President Richard Levine


In his Instagram post, Fazio thanks his “good friend” Richard Levine. According to Levine’s LinkedIn page, he is President of the New York Real Estate Institute.

Fazio has taken other photos with Trump. In July 2016, he was also seen at the golf course with the then-future President. He was also at Mar-A-Lago on New Year’s Eve.

“New Year’s Eve 2016 at Donald’s party in Mar-a-Lago. It’s going to be a YYYYYuuuuuge year,” Fazio wrote on December 31. In April, Fazio shared a photo of his wife and baby daughter at Trump International West Palm Beach.

2. He’s a Self-Made Executive Whose Mother Was a Secretary & Father Was an Insulator


Unlike Trump, Fazio is a self-made success story. The New Jersey-native told TimeOut New York that his mother was a secretary and his father was an insulator in New York. His father died at age 50 from mesothelioma in 2001.

“People ask where I get my energy, and I say I’m trying to live life for him,” Fazio told TimeOut. “My family was all Italian union workers that weren’t college-educated. That’s what they did, and that was fine. A vacation for me growing up was going to the Jersey Shore. Now it’s the W in South Beach.”

Today, Fazio lives in Tribeca and can afford to wear all custom suits. “I’m a Jersey boy, make no mistake, but I do live in Manhattan. But not a fist-pumping Jersey boy,” he told TimeOut.

3. Fazio Is the CEO of Prime Staffing in New York


Fazio is the CEO of Prime Staffing, a New York-based staffing firm that specializes in matching employees with employers in various industries, including business, consulting, IT, legal services and media.

According to his LinkedIn page, the company is the “fastest growing employment agency” in New York and focuses on administrative and healthcare clients. He’s been CEO of the company since January 2004.

Fazio studied biology and pre-med at the University of Delaware from 1993 to 1997, according to his LinkedIn page.

4. Fazio Also Met Arnold Schwarzenegger at a Las Vegas Conference


Fazio also met former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He posed for a photo with the actor at the Asembia Conference in Las Vegas in May. Schwarzenegger was a speaker at the event.

Fazio thanked Robert Irene, the president and founder of Asembia, for inviting him to the conference.

5. Fazio Isn’t the Only Person Sharing Photos of Trump on Social Media During His Vacation


As The Hill points out, Trump has been more secretive about who he is golfing with during his “working,” 17-day vacation than President Barack Obama was. So the only way Americans are getting a peak at Trump on the golf course is through social media.

ABC News notes that video of the president greeting wedding guests surfaced.

Fortune notes that the Instagram user who posted that video deleted it. The person also declined to answer any questions from Fortune. The White House also refused to comment on the video.