WATCH: Nathaniel Jouett, Clovis Library Shooting Suspect, Being Baptized in July 2017

Nathaniel Jouett Facebook page

Facebook/Nathaniel Jouett

A month before two people were killed in a library shooting in New Mexico, the accused teenage suspect was baptized in a new church. Video obtained by shows Nathaniel Jouett’s baptism in July 2017:

One of Jouett’s friends told that the suspect “loved going to church and God.” The friend says that Jouett was “doing amazing.” The church where Jouett was baptized is the same church that his girlfriend attends, the Living Word Church of God in Clovis, New Mexico. Her parents are both preachers at the church.

His girlfriend wrote on Facebook about his baptism saying:

So very proud of my boyfriend. He’s gone through so much in life and he’s turned it over to God and got saved today he got baptized!! I love you Nathaniel Jouett. Thank you for being by my side and always there for me. I’m thankful God has put you in my life.

On August 28, a gunman walked into the Clovis library and killed two people while wounding for others. Teenager Nathaniel Jouett was arrested without incident at the scene.

On August 24, Jouett’s girlfriend posted a meme to her page that read, “My goal in a relationship is to help my man become a better person, keep him out of trouble and show him things about himself he never realized.”

A source told that Jouett was suspended from school for fighting at a pep rally on the Friday before the shooting. That same person, who is a verifiable friend of Jouett’s, said that in recent times the suspect had been involved in drugs, primarily weed. The source said that she and Jouett’s girlfriend would “try to keep him out of trouble.”

ABC News’ Joshua Hoyos reports, citing a city official, that six people have been shot at the library. Hoyos has also said that a shooter is in custody. That suspect is a teenager. Some reports say that two people have been killed and six people have been injured.

The Associated Press reports that no motive has been made public for the shooting. Clovis City Commissioner Juan Garza told the agency that the shooting is a “tragedy” and asked for prayers for the victims.